Actor/activist Hill Harper joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” and talked about how traumatized the young people in Ferguson are as a result a of the murder of Mike Brown. Harper also explains some people in the community are experiencing post traumatic stress disorder.  Listen to excerpts from their conversation below.

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3 thoughts on “Hill Harper: Ferguson Youth Are Traumatized, Feel Under Siege

  1. Considering the “black on black” murder rate they should be traumatized
    a couple of weekends ago Chicago had 40 shootings that’s just one weekend
    dam that’s where the tanks and tear gas needs to go.

  2. seriously on said:

    Our children, mothers and fathers are traumatized by these random unjustified killings. We must address the mental state of racism in our race. When I looked at what is happening and what did not happen in Nevada with a tax dodger who stated he would fight the police and anyone else in law enforcement. Yet, FBI, ATF and local police simply backed off these white folks. They did not point guns nor shoot their way in…Like they are waiting to do in Ferguson…So it is time for a different tactic and a different mentality and help..That is only come from the other blacks.

  3. The entire town of Ferguson should be feeling traumatized after having the National Guard pointing assault rifles at them, driving tanks into the streets, firing rubber bullets at un-armed folks!!

    When I saw this mess on the news last week I thought it was going on in some foreign country and not in Amerykah!

    We should all be really scared right now because this military action could occur anywhere at anytime and we could all wind up being on lockdown in our homes and communities!!!!

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