Atlanta teacher Nikki Turner was fired after playing Beyonce and Jay Z‘s “Drunk in Love” to her sixth-grade class — among other failures as a teacher.

“This song is not [in] alignment with Teacher Keys Standard 9, Professionalism,” read a a district document against the teacher. “This song contained profanity, vulgarity, and sexually explicit lyrics.”

But if playing music about the power couple’s sex life isn’t a bad enough failure on a teacher’s part, there’s more to what Turner did wrong.

According to AJC, Coan Middle School listed many other reasons for Turner’s dismissal as well.

The teacher failed to share materials properly to student; she failed to demonstrate knowledge of the sixth-grade math concepts; she failed to cater to student needs; she failed to provide feedback to students in the classroom; and she didn’t plan her lessons properly.

Ann Brumbaugh, her lawyer, called her “a dedicated, passionate teacher” yet refused to comment further about the allegations against Turner.

Turner is no longer working at any Atlanta school after her contract wasn’t renewed with the middle school.

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3 thoughts on “Fail! ATL Teacher Fired For Playing ‘Drunk in Love’ To 6th Grade Class

  1. seriously on said:

    Well apparently this teacher could not teach at 6th grade level and went rogue. She has no place in a classroom, not even a babysitter of children. There is a math and science crisis in our public schools, her time would have been better spent teaching the children that, instead of a song of sex and alcohol.

  2. October on said:

    Some children today are just too grown. This type of music is, I believe, not appropriate for children of a certain age. Maybe its me but children should stay in a child’s place. The adult world will be there when they get there.

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