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Don Lemon has been in Ferguson, Missouri for two weeks and talks about the latest in the shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown.

“People have been volunteering to clean up the streets. They don’t want their city portrayed in a negative light,” Lemon says. “

On the annual Peace Fest:

“I think a Pandora’s box has been opene when it comes to he distrust of the police department. It’s terrible that Michael Brown died, but if something good can from it..”

On conducting the interview with the mother’s of Michael Brown, Sean Bell and Trayvon Martin:

“It was unbelievable, they met Michael Brown’s mother for the first time in front of our cameras. They snatched her up and wouldn’t let her go.”

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Remembering Mike Brown On His 19th Birthday (May 20, 1996- August 9, 2014)
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