With flash points like Israel/Gaza conflict and Ferguson, Missouri, it should come as no surprised that Minister Louis Farrakhan is letting it be known what’s on his mind. To put it bluntly, he’s not happy with what he sees.

In particular, Minister Farrakhan addressed the killing of unarmed Michael Brown by Ferguson police in the context of the conspiracy against Black youth in general.

“I warn you that something terrible is about to go down, and Ferguson is a sign: A microcosm of the macrocosm,” he said. “The killing of Michael Brown is one in many—some we know about and some we don’t know about; but every city and town where Black people live, Black men are being shot down by police.”

Farrakhan’s words were part of his powerful message of guidance and warning from The Nation of Islam’s National Center, Mosque Maryam on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014. Read/learn MORE at Final Call.

Check out Minister Farrakhan’s comments about Michael Brown and Ferguson in the video above.

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(Video Source: You Tube)

10 thoughts on “Louis Farrakhan Speaks on the Mike Brown/Ferguson Situation [Watch]

  1. The white man don’t have to shoot us down. Our young men are so stupid, they’ll do it themselves. Just provide the weapon. They walk around looking a hot mess, uneducated, sloppy, unkempt, robbing, killing, stabbing; unwilling to work. As my mother used to say, wouldn’t even take a job in a pie factory tasting pies. They have no boundaries. I’m so glad the white girls have taken a liking to them. Let them support them for a while…a long while. I used to say I’m not embarrassed by the actions of others, but now I’m beginning to be embarrassed by them. Some look frightening; dirty, uncombed hair, stinking. What happened? And then, they’re such punks until they have to hide behind gangs. I work in a community college, and what I see makes me sick sometimes. I pray for them, but I pray for myself more.

  2. carmen on said:

    I’m all for diversified training in the workplace, we have it at my place of employment because it is truly diverse. Therefore law enforcement is no exception. They might think they offer it but perhaps it needs to be updated and current with today’s society of diversity. PEOPLE ARE NOT BORN RACIST THEY ARE TAUGHT TO BE RACIST………………….

  3. “Police-State”

    The benefit of the doubt
    Belongs to the men in Blue
    Sworn to service and protect
    Everybody except you and me.

    Copyright 2014

  4. Prayer does change things!

    However, law enforcement officers all over this country need to be re-trained or to go to sensitivity training when it comes to how to resolve issues regarding un-armed men of color!

    First and foremost there must be RESPECT for African American by the police.

    Racist cops must be weeded out before they are even allowed to put on that badge and gun because once they do they become the PROBLEM!

    I totally agree with Minister Farrakhan that there is a bounty on the heads of young men of color in Amerykah and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

    Instead of wasting bullets shooting and killing each other–we better start saving them for the revolution that is about to come!

    White folks are banking on us not having any ammo-so they can just shoot us down like animals in the streets!!!!!!

  5. carmen on said:

    They’ve tried everything, nothing seems to be working. Start having Prayer Vigils, it’s absolutely necessary, it’ is our culture to Pray especially in times of trouble, so let’s get busy. I also agree with Spike Lee “bring in Retired Army General Russell Honare’.

  6. carmen on said:

    “Warn You” what has happened is not a Warning, it’s reality, it’s been going on for a long time. It’s Praying Time, Let’s see some protesters and leaders forming Praying Circles out there. Changes Everything!

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