On August 17th, Jay Kanzler, the attorney for the store police allege was robbed by Michael Brown spoke to CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield on the air about the store owners’ thoughts on the surveillance footage released on Friday, August 15th.

“First of all, my clients have never said that that is Michael Brown in the video, in fact before that weekend, they had never seen that individual, Michael Brown, or the individual on the tape in the store,” Kanzler said to Whitfield.

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Moments later, as Kanzler launched into a more detailed account of the altercation with the man seen in the video, Kanzler’s feed disappears, we hear a rewinding sound, other CNN images flash on the screen very quickly and Whitfield immediately loses contact with Kanzler. Whitfield looks as confused. She apologizes, citing technical difficulties, but adds, “that was strange.” Some took to twitter in response:



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CNN was eventually able to reconnect with Kanzler and continue the interview on air. According to the transcript, Kanzler also revealed that a customer reported the incident to 911, rather than the store clerk or owners, and that they did not hear the gunshots that were fired at Mike Brown or connect the two incidents when they found out about the shooting “much later.” Kanzler also stated that his clients “stand with the people of Ferguson for transparency and justice.”

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You can watch the strange video of Kanzler’s interview feed scrambling before shutting off below, and read a full transcript of the interview here.

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