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Kayelisa Martin (pictured) reportedly committed suicide by walking in front of a semi-trailer truck on the very same day she learned that her 14-month-old son, Omoyele Gonzalez (pictured), mysteriously passed away at their home, reports Georgia Newsday.

According to Canton, Ohio, police, the little boy was discovered dead in a bed at the residence, and strangely, a subsequent autopsy proved inconclusive. Omoyele did not have any telltale signs of injuries, nor did the boy die of any trauma stated the report.  A toxicology report is pending but an X-ray also did not reveal any recent or past abuse.

Police were summoned when Martin threatened suicide while a relative went to a nearby fire station to report the toddler’s death. When officers arrived at the Martin home, she could not be found. Investigators tried searching for the 20-year-old Mom, but soon they were alerted to the fact that she died instantly in a nearby traffic accident by reportedly walking in front of a moving semi-trailer.

Police investigators interviewed the child’s father, who does not live with Martin; they believe he is not involved in any foul play.

It was discovered, however, that Martin and Omoyele had been involved in an auto accident earlier in the day, but investigators are not sure whether this had anything to do with the child’s death. According to police, the steering wheel on Martin’s vehicle began to shake, and she could not control it. The vehicle reportedly hit a curb, struck a hydrant, shot across a yard — hitting shrubs and rocks — then finally came to a stop at a parking lot. She was cited by police for operating a vehicle without reasonable control.

Relatives of the victims have set up a  fund-raising page to cover the costs of both funerals.


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8 thoughts on “Tragic! Young Mom Walks In Front Of Semi-Trailer Upon Learning Of Toddler’s Death

  1. Sue A. on said:

    The grandmother doesn’t know I reposted here. God bless you people with your foul attitude. You will need some kind of blessings now and in the hereafter. No one is trying to scam anyone. The family is struggling with the expenses of having to travel out of town for a funeral on very short notice. If you don’t feel it in your heart to assist, well then, don’t.

  2. Sue Kucklick Arencibia on said:

    From the child’s grandmother. (She doesn’t know I am posting this; she is my godmother and I have known the family for years.) I thought it best to leave this in her words. The family really appreciates the support given and the funeral expenses were covered by donations from all over. She says:
    “Well … it’s over. And folk are starting to move forward. Still trying to amass funds to get us all back home. Thank you for those who have contributed. Those who didn’t but would like to, travel expenses can be given at – Thank you.”

    • Rhemas Place on said:

      Why would you give a different fundraising site from what the family setup on which clearly states “There are other expenses of which we will continue collecting, but in the meantime, we thank you for your support and continued love?” The gofundme page is still collecting funds on behalf of the family. Why wouldn’t the grandmother know that you are “asking for funds” on the family’s behalf???? I think that you are using this horrible/tragic story to try to scam people out of their money. Shame on you!

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