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Racism may be a topic to approach cautiously, but as Kevin Costner found out, it’s also a topic that many in Hollywood won’t touch. Let alone finance.

During a question and answer session at the recent National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Convention in Boston, the actor revealed his struggles to get his film Black and White made. Despite it not being as grand as many of Hollywood big budget tentpoles, Costner felt Black and White was worthy of the same treatment.

“I just thought it was an interesting movie…” he said. “I can’t speak for why [no one would finance it. I know a lot of people want to make these big, giant movies and I understand … But I thought this movie is just as valid as those movies. So that’s why I made it.”

Starring Costner and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Black and White centers on attorney Elliot Anderson (Costner) as he raises his biracial granddaughter Eloise with his wife.

When his wife is killed in a car accident, Elliott is drawn into a custody battle over the little girl, with her African-American grandmother Rowena (Spencer), who believes Eloise should be raised by her drug-addicted, biological father.

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21 thoughts on “Kevin Costner Says He Paid For ‘Black and White’ Because Hollywood Wouldn’t

  1. Some of u give new meaning to the term ‘uppity’!! Drug addicts come in all races n a movie about a black one certainly doesn’t offend me. If the white grandparents have the child where is the mother???Probably was a drug addict also n must be DEAD!! IT IS A Movie!! ForEntertainmentPurposesOnly!! smh

  2. Mary Burrell on said:

    Bless him his heart is in the right place. But this plot has been done before. Sadly i see this going straight to the dvd very quickly. Maybe Lifetime will do this. Like i said he has a good heart and means well. I like him.

  3. Come on Black folks…Mr. Costner has a proven track record in Hollywood…both with stories where the majority of the cast is white and stories of people of color….DANCES WITH WOLVES anyone???The last time I checked black men as well as other races become the victims of drug abuse…..Black people are not perfect even though centuries of racism, discrimination and hatred sometimes causes us to see prejudice where there is now. Octavia Spencer and Anthony Mackie are extremely talented, motivated and I feel proud black Americans and would not do a film that caused their race to be portrayed in a negative manner. Oh by the way…I taught English and US History for 42 years…to the individual who got attic mixed up with addict…please purchase a dictionary before you contribute your thoughts on a site.

  4. I would have to agree with Amber And Paris and a whole lota ppl here why does the father have to be in a negative light? the story being he”s in college, he was outa town, what ever the case he didnt know about the child and maybe didnt want kids but doesnt have to be a down and out brotha come on now kevin…… and octiva stand up and say something lets change that lil tidbit, ijs 🙂

  5. Kevin is reworking a movie that has already been done. Halle Berry was in a movie with Jessica Lang called “Raising Isaiah.” In Raising Isaiah, Halle was a drug addicted mother who fought and won custody of her son. I too want to know why the biological father has to be a drug addict. Why can’t he be a college education black male who was unaware that he had a child by his college girlfriend? Upon learning that he has a daughter (after the death of Kevin’s wife) he fights for custody of his daughter. I can see supporting a movie that has both men in positive roles. I would never support a movie that’s rehashing the same old negative images of blacks. I wouldn’t pay the price of a manatee ticket to see this reworked garbage. I’m surprised that no one at the NABJ challenged him on making the black male role so negative.

    • Why are you upset in people being called “mixed’. Some people are mixed. People are animals; we are just the more intelligent animal.

  6. Mr. Costner you are correct, Hollywood do not make enough positive movies roles which cast our many talented African American actors and actresses. However, your movie is somewhat in the same category as it cast the African American father as a drug addicted dad who doesn’t want his child, the grandmother is seen as wanting the child not the dad. Since your role is a lawyer it stands to reason your wife is probably playing a professional role as well which you then could have realistically cast the dad as a successful single man who just didn’t want a child but support his child financially. You could have been in the middle of adoption but mom die before finalizing the adoption. Then enters the grandmother to fight for her grandchild. Realistic lesson – all African American men who don’t want to be a hands-on dad aren’t drug addicts. Interested to learn how the NABJ in Boston responded.

  7. Hollywood is about $$$$$. They do not think films like this will sale. Sorry but I can understand. Look at it this movie that has the black father as drug addict. Why not the white mother? Do you think MOST blacks (and whites) want to see themselves portrayed as that on film? I think not. We have enuf of it.

  8. Hollywood wants to make “fairy tale” movies. Anything that resembles the truth is off limits and will find a hard time receiving financial backing as Kostner now knows.

    Racism is the cancer which will eventually doom Amerykah!

    • Exactly. And here is the “great white hope” coming to save a black kid. That is how some folks will look at it and not attend. look at the movie “Bella”. It did not do well either.

    • demp109 on said:

      It did not have to be a Black drug addicted Father. I won’t go to see it. Evidently, Costner doesn’t get it and none of his black friends seemed to have pointed this insult out.

      • U are right and I will not see it either, because why is that the Black Character had to be the drug attic – always put in a degrading role?

      • Those blacks friends wont say nothing because they may think it will mess up their bread and butter.

    • Sorry….bout he also lost me when he described the Black father as DRUG-ADDICTED. Is that your only means to add validity to the grandfather being allowed to raise the biracial grandaughter? Really? Still…I won’t say it isn’t an interesting storyline….but right off the bat, I’m turned off. Hey, it isn’t the first flick to turn me off and it won’t be the last.

      • See, alot of these nonblack folks think if you just grab someone black and give them any kind of part, blacks folks are going to like it especially if you have the white person acting like he/she is kind to the black person. NOT. There has to be substance. And any movie that appears to have blacks who act like they have to “separate from their own race” in order to gain acceptance to whites is automatic turn off to MOST blacks (there are a few blacks who will run to see such movies but not many blacks in order for it to be a hit).

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