New accusations of Michael Jackson’s have surfaced, but this time it’s about his personal hygiene.

The New York Post reports:

Neverland’s manicured lawns and fairy-tale facade masked a house of horrors and madness, five of Michael Jackson’s maids revealed to The Post.

“Michael sometimes ran around where the animals were, and he’d track . . . poop throughout the house and think nothing of it,” Maid No. 1 recalled. “Then, if you said something, he’d threaten to make doo-doo snowballs and throw it at you.”

When Oprah Winfrey visited the Los Olivos, Calif., ranch for an interview in 1993, it was pristine. Floors were waxed, walls scrubbed and windows power-washed.

It was after she, guest Elizabeth Taylor and TV crews left the next morning that the real Jacko appeared.

“He literally peed on the floor of the entryway, right where you saw Oprah walk in. It was surreal. He just stood there, unzipped his trousers and watered the floor,” Maid No. 2 said.

Jackson had been relatively clean and orderly up until 1993, when 13-year-old Jordan Chandler became the first child to publicly accuse Jacko of molestation.

The accusations sent Jacko into a stupor, with the singer checking into drug rehabilitation in Switzerland and hiding out overseas until attorney Johnnie Cochran secured a guarantee from the Los Angeles district attorney that he would not be arrested upon his return to the states.

Jacko later paid Jordan and his parents more than $20 million in exchange for the boy’s silence.

“His whole life changed after 1993 when he had to pay that boy off. I’m telling you, he was the dirtiest, most unsanitary person in Hollywood,” Maid No. 3 said.

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56 thoughts on “Maids Reveal Michael Jackson’s Filth And Perversion

  1. The man is no longer with us. He cannot defend himself anymore… geez. have a conscience, people. let that man REST IN PEACE at last ALREADY. After all, In the End, it Is GOD’s Judgment which Will Prevail on jackson’s, your, and my soul. Unless you are accusing this man to have “victimized” your child and have real proof beyond reasonable doubt, I cannot see a good reason to go on and keep judging a Dead man. We also do not have proof of the credibility or the non-pecuniary Motive and INTEREST of these “maids” and the other people. Why now? Why All these claims, at a time when everybody knows that Jackson’s estate is earning millions and Millions of money each year?? GOD have mercy.

  2. Whether this is true or not, what’s the point of spreading it around now? He’s not here to defend himself and the only ones it will hurt is his children.

    • Robert on said:

      Actually, this or anything else doesn’t matter any longer. the man is dead and gone. He’s squared with God. The same holds true for all, rich, famous or not.

  3. charles on said:

    People Jacko just become unhuman, i totally agree with the maids. Not saying he wasnt a good person but it just became to much of him……………..

  4. none of you people are very bright. i will bet money they had to sign a non disclosure agreement, in force while he was still alive. happens all the time with celebs. Oprah has the same thing. both on her TV shows and at her home.

  5. These maids have no names but numbers? And the media never lies or sensationalizes, right? The media should be ashamed of itself for insulting everyone’s intelligence. How stupid do they think we are?

  6. After you three took his money, got paid very well, now you are talking? Why didn’t you quite while all this was going on? You all made this statement now because you are broke and need quick cash. How much were you paid for this lies?

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      What about their lies do you believe? Better yet, what should we believe about you? Take a look in the mirror (at yourself) before you judge others!

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      I don’t think it’s true either. He isn’t here to defend himself. Plus, they just want to continue to get money from Micheal. They miss his generosity!

  7. Maybe he was a filthy pig. I don’t want to believe that or that he was a pedophile but come one people if you ever saw the interview with Martin Bashir, Michael was a freak show. Love his music but just because you are talented and worth millions doesn’t mean you cant be out there.

    • Sharon Jones on said:

      Bashir’s interview was a set up. You wake up! It was the beginning of his demise. I mean really, don’t fall for anything.

  8. Sorry, but someone who is a germophobe (as we know Michael was) would NOT do the things that these ‘maids’ are saying. The press pays huge sums of money for stories, I’d guess these so-called maids are sick of being dead broke and since they worked for MJ, they knew that if they invented a sick enough story, they’d get paid in a major way and probably never have to clean a house again. Sorry, the public is NOT that gullible. You might have received a hefty check from the press for your falsehoods but the public aint buying it.

    I hope it was a great payday because if I ever needed maid services and you were still working, I’d make sure I didn’t hire you and I’d tell all my friends not to either. I’d take out ads in the paper telling people about you and your penchant for saying anything for money and would warn them not to hire you. Disgraceful, sickening wastes of human flesh, making up ridiculous garbage. I hope The Michael Jackson estate sues you and takes every penny you got for this rubbish story you concocted.

  9. Kitten on said:

    It is very interesting that the drastic hygiene changes occurred at the same time as the molestation allegations surfaced. That, in and of itself would suggest that Jackson underwent a significant psychiatric event- up to and including a complete mental break.

  10. christiangreenliving on said:

    This article is filth and perverted. This sounds made up by the author or these so called maids. If you are a maid you are paid to clean up after someone and to talk about it after someone is dead is just sick. Shame on you Krystal Franklin :-/

  11. MJ …… was nothing but a m-fin PEDOFILE ……………..Whom paid off all the little boys he malested… to keep it quiet ….. We all know its true !!!!!!! Don’t try covering it up now that he’s dead finaly …. Let him rest in piece my AS_S ………….. tell that to all the kids he molested ……………………….

  12. Chrissy on said:

    I don’t believe a word of it. Where were these “stories” when they were happening? These so called maids just want to be in the limelight or the press is just trying to stir up “new” stories to gain the publics interest again. Let the man rest in peace already! Enough is enough!

  13. Once thing I notice about all of this is when MJ has good news, a cd coming out, these liars and stories always pop up. he said that as well and I see it even now continuing. ANd now that the Estate is making billions, now you see more and more folks claiming mess and trying to sue the Estate. Anyone who believes these fools is stupid or you just do not like MJ and you are just willing to believe anything said about him. These people change stories like they change underwear.

  14. Eccentric and unsanitary – maybe. But it’s awful strange how it took this long to make it up – I mean, remember it.

    But perversion? – Nothing these thankless employees said had anything to do with perversion. And those charges were never proved to MANY people’s satisfaction.

    Michael Jackson was a brilliant musician and a good person. – What a hatchet job!

    • And those people ALWAYS changed their stories. That is often the sign of LIARS. Where is the SUBSTANCE and CREDITIABLITY that MJ did anything wrong? No where. I have never in my life seen people make claims YET they never go to the proper people who can deal with it; and when they go do to authorities, they CHANGE their stories YET when they talk to tabloids, they talk as if MJ is a mass killer.

  15. nancy moreno on said:

    i think it is so sad when news ppl feel they need to keep printing when do u also tell about all the good things mj has done.after all we all know this is nothing moe than LIES and im sick of it!

  16. Can’t we just let this man rest in peace? For crying out loud. No, I did not read the article. I saw the headline, clicked on the article and scrolled down here to post my comment. I don’t want to know any more bullshit.

  17. dont believe it! media lies and they quote something without name!!

    Michael decided to no longer serve evil, nd he was punished!

  18. Nicole on said:

    Oh LORD, let the man rest! All these maids came together and are struggling poor and decided to tell some stupid story to get paid. BULLSHIT. This is ridiculous, it’s been over 4 years and people are still trying to get at him, it’s pathetic. Let him rest already, I am so ashamed of this stupid world and tabloids. GET A LIFE!

  19. Good thing he was wealthy enough to go crazy in his own house while he recovered from the wrongful accusations. He suffered enough and all he was doing was emanating love to the world. “I saw you kicking dirt in my eyes” was all he got back. Those maids could have been more understanding or quit the job.

  20. Casey Kasem, III on said:

    They were happy to take Michael’s money working for him, so it must have paid pretty well to put up with all this crud, so shut-up unless you have video evidence. Dead men tell no tales. If they were willing to give up all their wages working for MJ, then I’ll listen.

  21. I think it is in very poor taste to speak ill of the dead like this, especially when you have no evidence to back it up. And these people don’t even stop to think for one moment what it must do to his children when they wind up having to read or hear horrible things like this. They have no evidence, nothing positive is accomplished by talking this way, so then why do it? I bet they were well paid housekeepers, and if things were that bad they should have quit. If they didn’t, and then they wait all this time to talk about this, they are only making themselves look bad.

  22. Judson on said:

    Stacy Brown is a tabloid proctologist who earns his wages licking the gutters for his masters at the NY Post. Reporting gossip from unnamed sources (this time purported to be former Jackson maids) is his latest smelly presentation. Frankly, Brown is neck-deep in his own bodily fluids and fecal matter and he will NEVER get clean — even if he uses the New York Post for toilet paper, which is all it’s good for.

  23. And J Anthony, stop saying “all these people can not be all lying”. Michael Jackson is a WORLD KNOWN ENTERTAINER who made MILLIONS and gossip/lies on MJ pays MILLIONS. When they see one liar making money, the next liar will come and try it as well. it is called “jumping on a bandwagon”. You can NOT put Michael Jackson in the same boat as a Tyrone Jackson who is not famous and who live next door. What is there to gain by trash talking and lying on Tyrone Jackson? NOTHING and because NO ONE is going to PAY for any news or gossip on Tyrone Jackson. Michael Jackson is a target, NOT Tyrone Jackson.

  24. It’s not nice to speak ill of the dead–so why are these b’s talking now—$$$$?

    Michael Jackson was a creative genius who unfortunately died a tragic death-let him RIP!!!!!

    • I agree. I am sure Michael threw things around a bit (we ALL do that. If you go in my room right now, I have clothes everywhere until I can get time to hang them up) but these maids seem to be looking for attention and a pay day with a tabloid paper. Michael was a kind hearted man (you can see that spirit about him even when he was alive and in his eyes and character).

      • DrBummer on said:

        You have house work to do and you are here reading gossip instead? Priorities I guess.

  25. Theresa on said:

    WOW. What people wont do for money? Leave MJ alone. Folks love to gossip. Now when MJ was alive everyone was saying how such a clean freak he was even could not stand germ. Now you have idoits saying this. I do not want to hear it. When you have this much gossip changing info on a person, 9/10 it is a LIE. And this is the NEW YORK POST the tabloid paper that man MJ life a living h#ll even calling him out of his name. Tom Joyner and crew why even post this mess on your website is a disrepect to MJ.

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