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Well folks, it looks like everyone’s assumptions about the Mimi Faust sex tape are true! The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star admits on the upcoming episode of “LHHATL” that a portion of her sex tape was staged. What gave it away? The cameraman in the bathroom mirror’s reflection?

Mimi sat down with her friends Erica Dixon and Ariane, and revealed that adult entertainment company VIVID (who released the home video) needed more footage to add to their raunchy encounter so they produced more scenes with high-quality equipment. Hence, how the infamous shower scene was created.

“The initial tape was homemade,” Mimi said. “The company said, ‘We don’t have enough footage because it has to be a certain amount of footage to sell.’”

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5 thoughts on “MiMi Faust Reveals Parts of Her Sex Tape Are Staged [WATCH]

  1. Josiah Leakes on said:

    Just wait til her daughter sees it. Wait until her daughter’s male friends see it! You think this is going away in 10 years after setting all kinds of records? You lied to your friends. You lied to your family! Mimi, you make think that this money will put you up, but you best believe baby girl, you will come to regret this when your daughter decides to follow her mother’s foot steps at age17.

  2. U were better off with Stevie J at least he didnt have you doing porn.Nikko is no good.yeh stevie ran with women but he didnt put you out there lije that.What man would want there woman plastered all over the world degrading herself?

  3. Guest on said:

    I laugh so hard reading this chick is trying to be a tough single mother and porn star!!! What a joke. Mona Scott laughs all the way to the bank….got these idiots trying to stay relevant on the show with these STAGED storylines!!! hahahaha

  4. So it was a lie that they would have released the tape anyway?? Mimi is a terrible liar and nobody believed her anyway, I guess the heat was getting to her! She and Nico both were really that desperate for money to stoop so low as to do a porn tape at their age. Mimi, you were doing fine with your business, you were maintaining and living good. Why would you allow a broke snake to enter your life and bring you DOWN!! A disgrace

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