In part two,  Deya gets Direct with Mimi Faust, about her sex tape, her real life and real drama!

2 thoughts on “Girlfriend FM: Mimi Faust Interview Part 2

  1. nflgal6 on said:

    I like the interview and I really give Mimi a lot of credit for turning around a bad situation into something positive. What she did was in the privacy of her own home with her man. It was stolen and it was going to be released anyway so why not make a little money off the tape. People who throw stones are usually hypocrites and are everything they are accusing other people of being.

  2. IanRousseault on said:

    She’s just another black female who has no self respect or love for herself! This is so sad to see these types of females given a platform to share their RATCHETNESS! Just utterly disgusting! I do hope child protection services gets involved and removes her daughter and places her in a proper respectful home before it’s too late for the young child. How do these reality tv HOODRATS look themselves in the mirror each day without Vomiting????

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