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Coming this fall to TV: Jewish Jesus, a sitcom about Jesus Weinstein a pushy talent agent living in Hollywood or how about Jesus X, a bow-tie wearing Messiah who sells bean pies on the South side of Chicago- You already know it ain’t gonna happen.

So, how does Comedy Central’s Adult Swim and Aaron McGruder get away with satirizing Christianity with a Jesus who smokes weed and cusses?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of the ones looking forward to seeing it because I like sick, edgy humor. But I also understand how it is offensive to some and why they want it taken off the air–even before it starts.

The promos are enough to let us know they are pushing the envelope about as close to the edge as it can get.   So, if you know this is something that is going to make you uneasy, I’m with you. What I’m not with is giving any TV Show, rap song or movie more power than it deserves.   A satire about Jesus is not going to lead to the downfall of Christianity any more than a TV show about Christianity will rid the country of other religions. It just doesn’t work that way.

It does make me wonder though, what about Christianity made the creators of this show believe that it would be such an easy target.

Just maybe it’s because they believe that Christians are forgiving and won’t condemn their brothers and sisters for having an opinion that they don’t share. Maybe they think Christians have much bigger battles to fight and that they’re too busy on the front lines battling poverty, ministering to the sick, etc. to be worried about a TV show.

I’m hoping Black Jesus is a true satire that uses comedy to teach us stuff we probably wouldn’t think about on our own. If it does that, I think we can forgive it’s its crass humor and hang on to the greater message.

Did you watch Black Jesus? Why or why not?

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21 thoughts on “Are Black People Ready for Black Jesus?

  1. Is there nothing a person will NOT do for money? Come on now! Do these wannabe persons doing the show realize that there ought be a line the even THEY won’t cross? Shame! Shame on them and even folk who try to justify the show (Tom???) and others.

  2. dangerous BlkMan on said:

    little know black history.

    Jesus was black. The original jews where black. The white hoards came in and enslaved and killed the black jews. stoled their religion stoled their history.Whites can’t do anything on thier own. just look at europe today. a bunch of men who don’t know what a woman is for and instead go and ass fuck other men. like a asshole was a sexual organ. Fucking retarted cape apes.

  3. Nope, and I refuse to watch it, too. I also boycott Moral Orel. It has nothing to do with race – i just can’t watch them play with Jesus like that.

  4. Lorna Price on said:

    If all it takes is for one show to be the devastation and elimination of African Americans then some people are lost in the stereotype. I mean, come on, a black president.. the increasing numbers of college graduates… the increasing number of black CEO’s and entrepreneurs? All this going down the drain from a show? Smh..

  5. Kimmee on said:

    I can make my own decisions. I don’t like people censuring what I can and cannot watch. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I hate I missed the first episode tonight, but I will be anxiously awaiting the replay and future episodes.

  6. Watched it. Loved it.if you did watch I caution you to analyze what you think you saw and heard. Blasphemy or no. Reality,,,,,,,for majority of the disenfranchised?

    • Jermaine on said:

      As Bookman Da Da was heard shouting while leading enslaved men into liberty during the Haitian Revolt with Tousaint Le Overture “You want to be Free? Cast off your white god.You ARE Free”

  7. It’s comedy. It’s a show with ACTORS not a real deity (if there is such a thing). I didn’t know about it until the Hype started and all the so-called Christians started their trash talking. Now I can’t wait to see it!

  8. Joe Valdez on said:

    Typical “African American” craziness based on lack of understanding true history .
    There is no doubt that current African Americans are looked upon as bunch of un-educated people who only seek pleasure in the form of sexual over exposure , joking and jiving , looking at simple basic stupid TV shows like Maury, House Wives of this and that….. rap singers , sports stars . Total lack of self-respect no wonder African Americans are despised .

  9. word-up on said:

    … you know … African Americans are erasing themselves from any legitimate discussion of anything … except ball-bouncin’ and trash-talkin …

  10. Joe Valdez on said:

    Soon there will be no more Black America or African Americans. Blacks are mixing with Whites and the cross breeding is eliminating Black America . The Only Blacks are African Sub-Saharan Blacks ,Jamaicans, Northern Brazilians .

  11. Kevin S. on said:

    I won’t watch this show not because it offends my sense of religion (I don’t belong), but because it will add to the stereotypes that I have to combat every day at work where a number of my colleagues make hiring decisions based on the negative perception of African Americans portrayed in the media. This kind of nonsense is why we have to be at least 150% better than our colleagues who don’t have to deal with the kind of prejudice we face.

  12. First time hearing about this show….and will not be watching it……sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me……Religion is a serious matter for me…..and I don’t find anything humorous about it…..

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