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Sadie Bell, a 58-year-old woman who shot her former lover over bad sex, is heading back to jail after being previously released.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

Sadie Bell, 58, who was convicted of assault with intent to do great bodily harm in April for shooting Edward Lee, 60, has been out of jail since July 17 after Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Phyllis McMillen granted her a $10,000 bond while she appeals her conviction.

Prosecutors — noting that she faces 10 years in prison and that she also shot her then husband in 1991 — appealed. In a sharply worded opinion, the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned McMillen’s ruling, saying there was no evidence that Bell was not a threat to the community.

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who sought the emergency appeal, said she was relieved Bell would be going to prison and questioned why McMillen would release someone with Bell’s criminal history.

“We were very concerned,” Cooper said. “It made no sense to us, and the Court of Appeals agreed with us.”

Bell is expected to report to authorities within days.

Her story made national headlines. Bell, who works for an insurance agency, had a long-term affair with Lee, a married man, meeting him every Saturday night. On July 28 the two had sex in her Southfield apartment and Bell complained Lee had not provided enough ejaculate, a sign that he was cheating, according to statements she eventually gave police.

The two argued, and Bell went into the bathroom, got her Smith and Wesson and shot Lee in the stomach. He lay wounded on the floor for several hours before she called 911. Lee was hospitalized for five weeks and underwent surgery for injuries to his pancreas and other organs.

Following her conviction, Bell was sentenced by McMillen to 20 months to 10 years for the assault, and a mandatory two years for the gun charge, but was then issued bond.

Do you think she deserves to go to prison or was it a lapse of judgement?


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