Some people simply adore their Apple products. The iconic retailer has taken over the tech marketplace with iPhones, Mac computers, and anything else a tech-savvy person could possibly want. But there’s one Apple fan the company is sorry they ever laid eyes on. He’s 24-year-old Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. The man loves Apple products so much that he allegedly scammed the company – not once, but 42 times, according to the Tampa Bay Times. 

Bryan Halliwell and investigators associated with Apple and Chase Bank, filed a Secret Service criminal complaint that says Parrish allegedly tricked Apple Store employees in 16 states starting around December 2012 into accepting fake authorization codes to purchase $309,768 worth of Apple goods.

Parrish, who lives in River Grove in east Tampa, Florida, is also accused of playing out his scam at several stores in his home state, including Orlando, Boca Raton, Wellington, and twice at the Brandon location.

The authorization code scam is breathtakingly simple.

Here’s how it works – Parrish allegedly visited Apple Stores and tried to buy products with four different debit cards, which were all closed by his respective financial institutions. When his debit card was inevitably declined by the Apple Store, he would protest and offer to call his bank — except, he wasn’t really calling his bank.

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