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The new super trailer for “Atlanta Exes” will have your jaw on the ground!

Gossips all over the nation have been waiting on the “Hollywod Exes” spin-off since it was announced that Torrei Hart and Tameka Raymond would both be on the show. Having been married Kevin Hart and Usher respectively, possible viewers knew they were in for something juicy. VH1 graciously doled out tidbits over the last few months, and the network has not fallen short of those expectations.

Since it’s reality TV, you can expect the usual shenanigans: Fights over dinner, huge egos and shocking revelations. For starters, Ne-Yo‘s ex-fiance Monyetta Shaw tearfully admitted that she can’t have anymore kids.

The craziest thing we saw, though, was Cee Lo Green  telling his ex-wife, Christina Johnson, that she should “wait forever” for the right person.

This is offensive on a couple of different levels: 1) It’s completely mind-blowing that Cee Lo should have any say in what goes on in her love life now that they are no longer together. 2) He certainly hasn’t been waiting around by himself, so the advice is hypocritical. 3) Why does Christina feel the need to ask Cee Lo for permission to date?! Isn’t she a grown woman? His advice, which is at least a little selfish, would have her alone and lonely for the rest of her days!

Hopefully, fans will find out why Christina ever felt the need to get his approval on her men when “Atlanta Exes” debuts August 18 at 9:30 p.m. on VH1.


VH1 Serves Up ‘Atlanta Exes’ Super Trailer & Cee Lo’s Ex-Wife Needs Permisson To Date? was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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