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07/23/14- Roland Martin talks with Senator Rand Paul on voter suppression and his recent efforts to engage with the African-American community. He told Martin, “I want the Republican Party to compete for the African-American vote and I frankly think we haven’t competed in decades.”

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50 thoughts on “Sen. Rand Paul Wants the Republican Party to Compete for African-American Vote

  1. seriously on said:

    What these pieces of shit have not realized is the what has happened since President Obama became president, just set us back 50 years of racial resolutions….We get it loud and clear and sorry will not do, I do not care how you want to spin it.

  2. seriously on said:

    I am amazed at all the white folks and their ass kissing bamas who come out to post on these topics, yet the are no where in sight for voter suppression, which has been all republicans agenda….Rand who stated the civil rights bill should have never been passed and stated it was okay for restaurants not to serve blacks if they did not want to…And yes, he specifically said blacks

  3. Nona on said:

    Absolutely hilarious that some posters on here who claim that Democrats don’t care anything about BIack Americans would rather they go and vote Republican. For what?? How in the heII are they any better? Getting paid huge money from the likes of the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson (and reluctant taxpayers) to shut down the government and do absolutely nothing (the worst Congress in U.S. history), all to show the Black commander-in-chief (and those who bring up the “he’s Biracial” card can just put it away and sit on it, because the world sees him as Black; the continuing historical racist stereotypes directed at him, First Lady Obama and his daughters prove it each and every time, STILL) who’s really in charge.

    Once he got elected, all hell broke loose and people’s true colors finally emerged with a vengence. All the Republican propaganda that’s put out there as a whole against Blacks, and I should give them MY vote because why again?? Neither political party is perfect, some so-called liberals can be just as ignorant and racist as conservatives and both sides prefer to work for corporate America and not the American citizen (because greed in the green is far too good), but with the beyond-crazy antics of the post-New Deal, neo-Republican Tea Party — massive redistricting, attempting to do away with voting rights, anti-choice abortion laws, villainizing the working poor while idolizing the crooked, criminal rich, approval of the Stand Your Ground laws for one group and not the other — I’m a believer in “never say never”, but I can safely say that I will NEVER switch to the Republican party. To those who love to bring up Robert Byrd at every chance, don’t bother. There’s a reason why redemption exists. He apologized and redeemed himself. Democrats/Dixiecrats-turned-Republicans Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms stayed true to the evil up until the very end (note: just because Thurmond privately fathered and financially supported a child with a Black woman means absolutely nothing when he publicly voted against the rights of Black Americans). Meanwhile, for the short-term minded, Rand Paul has spoken out against the Civil Rights Act, and at last check, has yet to see the light, apologize, and redeem himself. But, I, a Black American, will be accepted by the Republican party, as long as I know my place, just like living in the good ole’ days of strange fruit and Jim Crow that these CONServatives yearn for. ‘Take back America’ indeed……..

  4. MundusVoldecipi on said:

    There is nothing the Republicans can do to get the AA vote. Move on, nothing to see. The Democrats have papers on the AA vote. It doesn’t matter if the democratic position violates their moral or religious beliefs, known and documented Klan leader, led the party (Robert Byrd) and eulogized by President Obama. George Wallace, Bull Connor, the flying of the confederate flag over the state capital was done by a democrat, etc. As Stephen said, “You can’t leave Candieland”!

    • spycam56 on said:

      Moron…those were “Dixie-crats” from 50 years ago, how about talking about what’s relevant today in 2014. I’m sure you can ID those waving the Confederate flag these days or do you still think and dream of the good old days when poor white trash could put a negro in his p!ace?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. I disagree the Democratic party is still the same the fact we have so many
    AA’s that are SLAVES to government handouts shows that. Their beholding to
    School unions so your kids are stuck in failing education, welfare programs that
    promote teenage pregnancy so you repeat another cycle of “government slave negros”
    How’s that “Hope and Change” worked out for blacks?
    No one ever prospers being dependent on someone else

  6. “Sen. Rand Paul Wants the Republican Party to Compete for African-American Vote…”
    Then stop pissing them off by passing laws to make it harder…or impossible…for them to vote!!!

  7. Funny how Paul only wants to compete for the black vote when its election time…..the rest of the time his voice is silent especially when his party tries to suppress that same vote…..Good luck wit dat Mr wacko bird…..

  8. johnniesrocket on said:

    what does conservative really even mean anymore but harassing gays, scapegoating minorities and calling women ho’s?

  9. johnniesrocket on said:

    that’s funny Clay that you have to go back to 1865 to justify your claim. The republican party of today is the lineage of the one Barry Goldwater led down the path of racism in the early 60’s in response to the Democrats passing over republican objections the Civil Rights Bill. And all the white southern racists crowded into the republican tent in a show of support. Nixon picked up the mantle with his southern strategy that played to the fears of the whites. Until the GOP apologizes for it’s pandering to racists, they’ll get no minority votes of any size. As it should be.

    • seriously on said:

      Yea, When Barry Goldwater was dying he was apologizing to every black person he could find and stated he was no longer a racist. I don’t think that 11th hour confession will help them though…I hope they all rot in hell and every generation the birth from the pits of hell. Because nothing stays the same.

  10. Lee McCormack on said:

    Its interesting that politicians have to compete for the gay vote, the black vote and the latino vote. What about competing for the American votes. Since when are these groups so special that they have to kiss their butts to get their votes. Normally it means that they will get something that the rest of us won’t. This is still America (barely) and no one voter should be treated any better or worse than anyone else.

    • johnniesrocket on said:

      they’re not. its just that the GOP can count of white straights voting for their pandering racist politics that vilify minorities and gays. hell, what’s conserative even mean anymore but 40 years of harassing gays, scapegoating minorities and calling women ho’s?

      • typical illiterate liberal response-call names……ouch that hurt..entitled ones is what they this free that free everything, free housing at your local prison

    • You truly are a jackass! Who, other than the American White Man thinks they are more entitled than any other race!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You came here and destroyed the native people for their land. Brought slaves here and kept them in bondage for 400 years. If you have a problem with your taxes being too high, or people crossing the border to pursue a better life…than, you need to look at your own White history, you did the same!!! So quit crying like a little bitch and own up…you are reaping what you sow!!!

      Oh BTW…”name calling?” I will call you whatever the fuck i want to bitch…1st Amendment, or do you consider that entitlement also…only good for the White man!?!?!?!? Ya, just what I thought bitch…the next time you want to come here with your White man filth and pollute the discussion, make sure YOU don’t do the name calling….you don’t want trouble, don’t start trouble!!!

  11. Linda P on said:

    How, by giving up conservative principals? No thanks. We see how well blacks are doing in Chicago, Detroit, and across the country. They are jobless, many are homeless, can’t pay their bills, etc. The blacks keep voting democratic and have no one but themselves to blame. They keep electing the same people over and over again. The elected have a big bank account, but those that elected them have nothing. They get what they deserve.

    • spycam56 on said:

      Bitch, take your racist comments over to the KKK discussion board where you belong, we don’t give a fuck about what you think or say, and while you are over there, tell your Nazi friends to sit on a wienerschnitzel!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • seriously on said:

      I am an African-American and if you have a problem with that than start with the irish, Italian and jews…And don’t get it twisted you worthless pieces of shit came here and those from England would have killed by your own if you stayed in your own homeland. But since you have a problem with blacks, you are free to leave…So eff you!

  12. Nathan on said:

    Rand Paul and Republican………you will NEVER, I mean NEVER get our votes. You have proved yourselves to be RACIST bastards . NEVER.

  13. hey Fools….The Republican party is the Party responsible for FREEING SLAVES (13th amendment) with 23% of Democratic Support. The Republican party also gave citizenship to FREED Slaves (14th Amendment) 94% Republican Support 0% Democratic Support….You tell me who is racist, stop listening to idiots and know your history and do some research, you have all been FOOLED!!

    • spycam56 on said:

      The Republican Party of the 1860’s is not the Republican Party of today…the same as Democrats of today are not the “Dixie-crats” of the past! The next time you want to bring up some brilliant revelation about politics at least come to the discussion with better talking points!!!

  14. If Paul or anyone else in the Republican Party wants the AA vote or any minority vote, then they need to stop trying to fuck us over every chance they get, but know that won’t happen!

  15. Robert on said:

    lmao! Go ahead and compete, you won’t get the vote except a handful of token blacks that wanna be white or republican. 90% will NOT vote republican.

    • And whats your reason? Do you even have one based on fact why you wont vote Rebublican? Im sure you arent a total fool.

  16. mercantilsit on said:

    Paul is essentially an open borders guy. Many Blacks (like Barbra Jordan in the past) see that massive legal and illegal immigration is particularly damaging to Blacks. A immigration enforcement and immigration reduction position explicitly tied to the labor market should appeal to many Afro-Ameicans.

  17. Good for Rand Paul. Now will the rest of the self-righteous Republicans listen? NOPE. They don’t think they need to change their minds and therefore their message…just their packaging.

  18. Funny,how when you aspire to “higher” office,you want everyone’s vote…that is until the election is over ? Wanting ain’t having,lots of luck Repulikans…..!

  19. Won’t happen Paul we embrace the party of “handouts” not hand ups
    Why even go after AA vote anyway thanks to Democrats we are no longer the largest minority in US the Dem’s have set their sights on new minority majority Hispanics
    (3.7 bil) for the recent new comers, while we continue in a dysfunctional decline
    and keep blaming you racist Republicans (you know like the Bull Conner’s and George Wallace’s even Al Gore’s Daddy) really would ever embraced us outside of a cotton field

    • racist republicans? please see the history of the 13th and 14th Amendment and who voted for it and who was strictly against it. I think voting for someone because of their skin color is racist.

      • spycam56 on said:

        Clay…..THIS IS 2014!!! NOT 1863!!! Get a fucking clue!!! If we had slavery today what party do you think would emancipate the slaves!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? It sure in the hell would not be the Republican Party and their jackass teabaggin members!!!

  20. Linda on said:

    Rand and his daddy need to go back to Kentucky!!!!

    The GOP does not deserve our vote!!!

    With the contention between Congress and their not passing any of the President’s legislation, with the GOP implementing Voting Rights laws which will make it more difficult for minorities to vote in 2016, the list goes on as to why these POS do not deserve the African-American vote!!!

    This can also be said about the Democrats who only look to us when they want our vote-but otherwise do nothing to merit it!!!!–

    Let the GOP stick with the Uncle Toms they already have!!!!!!

    • Girl, this Prez has done nothing, he has crippled this country with his policies and embarrassed us in the eyes of the rest of the world. You say its tough for minorites to vote? How so? You need an ID to buy beer…cigarettes even cash a check in this country how hard is it to show one when you go to vote. Dont be fooled by the lies of the Dems…the Republicans arent the best either but you need to research who you are voting for not just have tunnel vision and assume a certain party is always in YOUR best interests.

      • spycam56 on said:

        You are soooooooooooooo right on!!! All the killing, torturing and inhuman treatment of slaves, 400 years of slavery and bondage, another 100 years of no civil rights, discrimination, lynchings, bombings and murders!!! You make a great point…all those crimes against man would not have happened if slaves were not brought here!!!

        Got anymore jackass remarks to say Khe!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • seriously on said:

      Exactly! Rand Paul nor his sidekicks never spoke out over the voter suppression and he is an racist and a avid fan of Ayrn Rand, who teaches that some people count and some people do not…The do not count is Blacks and minorities…They are trying to split the black vote because their biggest upset in the last election was not the Hispanic vote, they lost the Asian vote…Asian voted for Obama more than Hispanics and with the immigration stance the repubs are taking they hoping to split the vote amongst blacks, topped with voter suppression of blacks…Yea, sound like a friend/ally indeed.

  21. He is right about them not competing for African American votes and that’s because most of the Republicans have old racist mentality and no clue how to honestly reach the black communities. Then they embrace fools like West and Cain who aren’t in touch with there own culture.

    • Da Rock on said:

      What culture? Violence? Fathers that are not being responsible for the seeds they bury in females? Thug life, street cred? That is what the other races sees us as and most embellish and want that. Until we change as a race, we will forever be like Cain, the marked one.

      • spycam56 on said:

        “…as a race”????? What the hell man, EVERY race on the face of the Earth is responsible for all the things you describe. You tell me one race of people or culture or country where these things do not happen!?!?!?!?!? Those actions are ALL personal failings, individual responsibilities!!! You talk as if individuals are separated from CHOICE and FREEDOM!!! If you CHOOSE not to wear a condom or use birth control, if you CHOOSE to join a street gang and be a thug…those are ALL PERSONAL CHOICES!!! You definitely did not understand the words of Dr. MLK when he said, “Do not judge me on the color of my skin, but the content of my character!”


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