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CLOSE recently sat down with Cassandra and Kevin Govan. A fitness couple who has a unique experience on how and why they workout together.

BDO: Was there a defining moment that made you and your husband want to get fit?

CMG: Though in the fitness industry, I never had a personal liking to working out. A good period of my younger life, I was very small. Once in my late 20s, after 3 children, I was overweight by about 15-20 lbs. Most of the time, I’d “hide” problem or uncomfortable areas of my body under clothing; therefore, noone really knew how I was shaped. As we aggrssively began growing our business in 2009, we added on more women clients and they complained about how long it was taking for them to lose 20-30 lbs and still their bodies didn’t look good after the weight loss. Personally, I couldnt understand why it would take so long especially if they were committed to the task. So, to answer that question for them and be the test dummy myself, I decided to challenge myself to get in great shape. To make sure I would stick to the challenge, I committed myself by signing-up for a bodybuilding/figure contest in Apr 2010. Sure enough, my goal setting paid off and I was looking fantastic compared to the average population. I took this same challenge again in Oct 2013 and am beach ready for this summer.

KDG: I’ve always loved basketball and working out since being in high school and I was a former bodybuilding competitor. I knew however Cassandra never liked working out so when she decided she wanted to challenge herself to get into shape, I decided to support her by doing it with her. By doing it together, she was at ease regarding eating and exercising because she knew we had the same goal and that made it much easier for both of us to stay focused. I competed with her in the Apr 2010 bodybuilding event.

BDO: How did you two meet and how did you know he was “the one”?

CMG: We met when I was a junior in high school, 16 yrs old, in Hazel Crest, IL. He was extremely handsome, and he still is, and very charming (need I say more).

KDG: It was Oct 1991 and I was out of high school, 18 yrs old, seldomly visiting my sister in Hazel Crest. Although I thought she was fine, I was super attracted to her tactfulness and bluntness, she said exactly what she thought and felt and that was new to me.

BOTH: Being so young at the time, I wouldn’t say we were “the one” necessarily but as our relationship grew and we matured into each other, it was obvious we would be stuck with each other for life and mutually be “the one” for each other. We balance one other due to our differences and that’s a good thing. Ironically, since we got together at such a young age and even started a family in our teens, the odds were definitely against us but that’s what has helped us become the power couple or swole’mates (per one client) we are today.

BDO: What did you do to start getting fit and how do you stay fit as a couple? 

CMG: To start getting fit, I had to set a goal for myself then figure out how time constraints would allow me to devote several hours a week and monthly to eating healthier, working out, drinking water, getting massages, and even resting. I had a long-term goal and broke it up into monthly goals that were SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). Clarifying your goals and constantly evaluating them based on your current situation makes is less stressful and easier to meet them. To stay fit, I keep my goals in front of me plus I allow friends, family and clients to workout with me so we can motivate and be accountable to each other. If my scale goes up plus my clothes start getting tighter, I know I need to step up my workout before things get out if control again.

KDG: I change my look based on what I’m trying to achieve. If I want to get stronger, I keep weight on my body to support my pressing or pushing. Recently, we traveled to FL for Cassandra to compete and she was adamant about taking photos on the beach so I knew that meant she wanted me to tone up a little. A few weeks to a month before the trip, I added cardio and changed up my workout to lose some gut fat and sure enough, that gave me a fitter beach look for the trip, one that she loved and admired. I am a workout fanatic; it’s my stress reliever so for me it has to be a permanent routine at least a few times a week and there is no negotiating on that. Primarily I’m a weights man but I will add cardio to keep the wifey happy and not concerned about my health. I’ve learned I can’t do it all my way.

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