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Sultry R&B singer Trey Songz may be the future of R&B. The 29-year-old from Virginia has debuted in the #1 spot selling 105,000 copies of his latest CD Trigga. Featuring guest stars like Nicki Minaj, Juicy J and Justin Bieber and filled with graphic sexuality, Songz seems poised to fall into that R. Kelly loverman spot.

He’s certainly in a better position than fellow balladeer Robin Thicke, who after the biggest mainstream success of his career has faltered with a public breakup from wife Paula Patton and an album named after her.

Songz, born Tremaine Neverson hints at another, slower, more typically R&B album on the deluxe version of Trigga, which is to be called Tremaine. On Trigga, he flies his freak flag high with songs about chasing foreign women (“Foreign”) cheating on his main girl (“Cake”) getting caught cheating on his main girl (“Smartphones Don’t Lie”) looking for girls who don’t want relationships (“Late Night”) and proclaiming his desire to replace another man’s girl. (“Mr. Steal Your Girl”).

His CD signing in Philly this week drew hundreds to a downtown record store, some who’d waited outside since 6 a.m.

Watch one Philly fan’s reaction below:


Trey’s “old-school” promotion at a record store may have helped his CD go #1

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