No more #7 for new Jets quarterback Michael Vick.

“I had to give that up. I’m #1 now, but it’s cool. It looks good,” Vick says.

After a short trip up 95, the former Philadelphia Eagle landed in New York City and is looking forward to the new NFL season. He’s expected to be the #2 option after new Jets QB Geno Smith, who’s the guy the Jets hope can lead them into a winning future.

“I’m just looking for another opportunity. It’s a chance to work with a young guy and help him develop. And at the same time, stay ready, stay confident so that something may happen for me in the future, so that I can become the best quarterback I can be. Because you never know when you’ll have to get back on the football field again.”

In the off-season, Vick has taken on a new role. He’s put together a comedy show in Shreveport, Louisiana for Saturday, July 12. The Michael Vick Comedy Explosion will kick off with host Tony Rock and comics Tony Roberts, Nephew Tommy, Karious Miller, Maija DiGiorgio and Robert Powell are on the bill. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Will Vick, who has heard his share of jokes after his 2007 conviction for running an illegal dog-fighting ring, be the butt of any jokes?

“I hope they come to the show with a whole set of different jokes instead of focusing on me, but I’m not going to trip if it does happen,” Vick says.

As far as the many jokes that comics have leveled at him in the past, he can’t think of one that he’s laughed at though he says he’s definitely chuckled at some in the past.

“It’s been so many, it’s too early right now.” As far as headlines like “Vick of the Litter” and “Stupid Jet Tricks” courtesy of the New York media, he says he’s even seen the humor in those. “I look it for half a second then I go the other way. But it still brings attention to me, so…. “

In the years after his conviction and his comeback as a Philadelphia Eagle, Vick has set NFL records and married his longtime girlfriend Kijafa Frink. He’s spent much of his off-time speaking to young people and asking them to think and consider the consequences before they act.

“I just always try to encourage them to put more trust in themselves than they do in others. You’re the only person that’s going to dictate your life. It all starts with a dream and the dream starts in your heart. So I try to give them the utmost confidence that I can deliver in my conversation with them.”

Things are looking up for Vick but there’s only one problem. Tom Joyner has announced that he’s on Vick’s bandwagon. Despite that, hopefully Vick can continue to overcome.

For more info and tickets for The Michael Vick Comedy Explosion, click here. 

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