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When Trina  and Tamar Braxton got together to do a panel at the Essence Festival, a few truths came with them.

Trina blasted her little sister Tamar about criticizing others when she can’t take it directed at her.

“You can’t say, ‘Oh, okay. I thought I was giving this unsolicited advice’ and think that it’s some kind of therapeutic thing because if someone says the same thing to you, it’s like, ‘You tried it. No, you didn’t. Who you talking to?’” Trina said.

Tamar has “provided advice” on her sisters’ careers, marriages, image and fashion.

“I was outspoken and I thought that because they were my sisters, it was cool for me to give my unsolicited advice and opinions on their life and what’s going on with them,” Tamar said.

Nevertheless, Trina reminded Tamar if she doesn’t like unsolicited advice then neither do her sisters.

“Watching the show and seeing my sisters’ reactions, I didn’t like it, only because I found that the things that I was saying to them was not helpful to them,” Tamar said.

Towanda Braxton always calls out her little sister’s behavior and bases it upon Tamar being spoiled.

“I ain’t never been no brat…I don’t feel like I was a brat,” Tamar said which elicited a hearty laugh from the audience and a side-eye from her big sis.

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