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Tyra Banks looked really relaxed when photographers caught her just after chowing down with her boo Erik Asla.

A model/media mogul’s gotta eat! reports that Tyra and her photographer boyfriend grabbed a bit at Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant, on Tuesday night. Paparazzi weren’t able to spy the happy couple chowing down, but they did capture a few shots of Tyra and Erik walking hand-in-hand on their way to the car!

Like any good beau, Erik cleared a path so that his woman could get into their ride safely. The pair dressed up a bit for their date. Tyra slipped into a little black dress for the evening, adding a leopard print handbag for an interesting pop. Erik offset his eyes with a blue-and-green stripped tie.

The masses are accustomed to seeing Tyra all dolled up with a sickening face beat, but Tuesday she went for something more natural. Tyra was clearly giving her face a break as she emerged from the restaurant without so much as a dab of lip gloss on her lips or a swipe of mascara on her lashes. Her hair was…well….click here to see for yourself!

We’re sure she’ll get her wig game back together when “America’s Next Top Model” returns later this year and her new talk show debuts at the top of 2015!

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One thought on “SPOTTED: Tyra Banks Does Date Night With Photographer Boyfriend

  1. I’m seeing more, and more average (non celeb) Black chicks with white guys. At the mall, movies, beach on vacation, etc. Go girls! Hey….(some) brothas aren’t stepping up to the plate….so a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Saw 8 to 10 mixed couples just in the past week. One chick was with this FINE dark hair Italian looking dude. I was drooling!! LOL LOL

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