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Whether you follow 50 Cent or not you’ve probably know about his insanely funny, yet very problematic videos he shares with his followers on Instagram.

He’s no stranger to controversy and calling  people out, so it shouldn’t surprise us that the Queens rapper kept his beef with Floyd Mayweather brewing with  his latest video.

To catch you up to speed, the leader of ‘The Money Team’ was caught on camera calling Tiny’s name repeatedly on the red carpet at the BET Awards.

Either she didn’t hear him or she chose to ignore him, either way Tiny paid  Floyd no mind.

Insert a 50 Cent video here.

Once the footage went viral, 50 Cent called out the boxing champ for his advances.

Catch it below.

**NOTE: The video contains profanity and we do not advise that you listen to it while at work or around children.

Really 50?!

Remember when the two were actually friends and business partners?

Check out 50’s first video when news broke that T.I. and Floyd got into it at a Los Angeles Fat Burger.


Frenemies: Friend or Foe? It’s Hard to Tell
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(Photo/Video Source: Instagram)