It seems the going is getting tough for Jeremy Meeks, the convicted felon whose dreamy mug shot went viral.

Because of his looks, Meeks went from being a felon to a celeb with a manager, who is already getting death threats … supposedly from gang members who apparently don’t like the idea of Meeks getting shine and they aren’t.

The backstory is that Meeks’ family hooked him up with some representation earlier this week — hoping to capitalize on his new-found fame — but things quickly went south. His manager who has also petitioned the court to allow Meeks to wear a custom Tom Ford suit to his next court appearance, she’s been threatened.

TMZ says Gina Rodriguez who’s worked with Octomom and V. Stiviano, has received around 30 harassing phone calls from “gangster-sounding people” … and one person repeatedly threatened to blow her head off — saying she deserved to die.

The manager filed a report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

Stockton, CA police say Jeremy Meeks is a member of the Northside Crips gang. He does have two tattoos, one on his neck that says “NC” and another on his forearm that says “Crip.” So that’s not a stretch.

So ladies, you sure you still want some of that gangster love from Jeremy? As you can see it comes with a price.

(Photo: News 10)

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3 thoughts on “Mugshot Hottie Jeremy Meeks’ Manager Threatened

  1. seriously on said:

    Oh Tonya, You wrote an article on “giving meeks his life back” on this website and I stated you and others were an idiot and you have not disappointed. Your thug guy has hired a manager to collect on women like you, who clearly have no pride or dignity and he has collected over 2000 from desperate women. But hey, he does have his life back preying on other people and being a burden to society and a decimater in the black community…Yep, back to his regular old worthless self.. I cannot believe you were even allowed to write that article..So what are you saying if you gang-bang, sell drugs, kill innocent people and provide the guns to keep this genocide going …if you look good while doing it is okay? Good Grief Tonya…that is loser talk

    • Stop hatin’. Hell. Ain’t nobody begrudging Jay Z’s real ugly ass the lifestyle of the rich and famous. And he bragged about his days as a violent drug dealing thug. On the other hand, why in the hell does Dreamy McMug need a manager? To oversee his commissary account?

      • seriously on said:

        You sound like a retard and definitely the most ignorant and low-brow response I have ever heard…The only haters here are this thug who kills others black folks men, women and child, by gun, by drugs, aids etc…They have survive because of low brow self hating sambos such as yourself. I do not support any such thug and the black communities we would be better off without them and you.. The only thing is he is going to jail and you are free to be ignorant and low-brow. It is pathetic that you have such low standards for yourself and others..

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