“Do onto others as you would have them do unto you…” – Matthew 7:12

It was Monica’s 35th birthday, and for the first time, she was giving herself a big birthday bash.Turning 35 was a big deal. She was getting older; her priorities were changing. She was thinking differently about her future. Would she ever have children, get married, buy a home?

One thing was for sure: She was outgrowing the club scene. She wanted to do something more significant and meaningful for this birthday – a dinner party. She wanted to invite about 15 to 20 of her closest friends. She sent the invitation out early, but approximately a week until her birthday party, she started to panic. Only six people had RSVP’d. She was getting nervous. Then, she had an a-ha moment. When was the last time she had RSVP’d or even attended any of the recent events she had been invited to? She led an active life, so it was difficult for her to attend all those engagements.

Had karma come back to bite her? Were people holding out on her because she always had an excuse as to why she couldn’t attend their soirees? The truth is she was not very supportive of others in that regard, and now, on her big day, she could experience how that feels. She finally realized that she wasn’t the friend she wanted others to be to her.

Everybody has an internal list of what they want, be it the ideal house, the ideal family, the ideal friends, the ideal job, the ideal income and so forth. Having ideals are natural and give us standards to live up to. While all of them may not be realistic, they ultimately give us something to reach for and help us to aim as high as possible.

After all, what’s wrong with wanting a wealthy, tall, dark and handsome man, who is madly in love with you, committed to you, considerate, fun and in shape? That’s a reasonable goal to have. There’s just one thing missing: the “you” factor. How close do you come to the ideals that you require of others?

Find out If you’re the one and how to become the ONE:

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Deya “Direct” Smith is the Go-to-Girlfriend, Lifestyle & Love Coach, Media Maven, Author & Inspirational Speaker. She is also lead producer on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and host of Girlfriend FM & Beyond the Studio celebrity interviews. This best-selling author of “Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Live, Love and Let Go!” (www.touchmebooks.com) can be found on http://www.DeyaDirect.net.  Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @Deyadirect .

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One thought on “Be the One

  1. I apologize for stepping on toes I enjoyed your article. I have always tired to be the one but sometimes the reaps the opposite people who expect everything and give nothing in return. Tha being said this is more important then all that.
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