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Things aren’t looking so good for ex-NFL running back Marion Barber III. The former Dallas Cowboy was arrested over the weekend and is being held for mental observation.

According to reports, police arrested Barber around 8pm on Sunday June 15th. He was taken into custody at his home, but sources close to the incident say the incident happened at a local church close to his home. What happened to make the police arrest Barber and hold him for mental observation, nobody knows as of now. The police and his team are doing a great job of keeping the reason for the arrest under wraps.

Marion Barber III, 31, played in the NFL for six years. He was the running back for the Dallas Cowboys from 2005 until 2011. Barber left the Cowboys and finished his NFL career playing for the Chicago Bears. Barber retired in 2012.

Check back soon as we will update this story as details are uncovered and made available.

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3 thoughts on “Ex-NFL Star Marion Barber III Arrested And Held For “Mental Observation”

  1. Diamond Alexis on said:

    BTW, USA Today reported that he was not technically “arrested”, as in being held for a crime, but rather taken into custody for further questioning regarding his mental state. I think they are pretty credible as far as news reporting, but just wanted to make sure you all knew.

  2. Diamond Alexis on said:

    This has to be the worst news of my day. I’ve been a Dallas fan since birth, and was even distraught when he left our team. Great player and individual overall. Prayerfully, things are okay and he gets whatever help he needs.

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