The family of 53-year-old Miriam Burbank wanted to do something different when honoring their relative.

And different it was.

The New Orleans woman affectionately known as “Mae Mae” was said to have loved beer and the New Orleans Saints.

So in order to pay homage, the family decided to prop Burbank up in a chair in her home surrounded by all of her favorite things. She was even holding a glass of Busch’s beer and a cigarette in the other. And her nails? Painted black and old for her favorite football team.

Check out the photos below:



What do you think? Is a themed-funeral something you’d be interested in?

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22 thoughts on “Family Props Dead New Orleans Relative Up With Beer In Hand At Funeral [PHOTO]

  1. candace on said:

    By the way dangerous blk man, your spelling and sentence structure needs much work and improvement. The dead lady at the table and her funeral should be the last think you’re focused on.

  2. Dangerous BlkMan on said:

    Yall just don’t understand. In the cajun cultur death is a celibration. It is the time that you are returning to the Lord, you are going home and leaving the land of pain. So stop hatin just because you don’t understand. Thats the way I want to go. I don’t want to see any crying just a lot of partying with a parade straight to the grave site. God Bless.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      You must be out of your ever loving f______ mind! To think that anyone would disrespect their love one by having them sitting up with a beer and cigarette’s as a testament to their life here on earth, is damn right ratchet and as ghetto as one could ever be!!!! I believe in celebrating one’s life here on earth also, but show some class and dignity, my God! Yes she is going home to see the Lord(You Hope) why would you want to see her off with beer and cigarettes???????? Human beings are really DUMB and without any common sense at all!

    • Yeah Blk. Nothing wrong with a party and going out with a bang. But honestly, being propped up like the Crypt Keeper looking like a dried up paper sack just might put a damper on people’s appetites. There is a time and place for everything, and a party is not the place for Me Maw’s cold dead, ashy ass to be propped up at the damned kitchen table.

    • candace on said:

      Just because many see it as disrespectful to the dead, does NOT mean we are hating. Who says everyone has to agree with burying a love one like that? Personally I think it’s in poor taste, very poor taste. A few of you talked about her going to heaven in style. Ask yourself, God is a God of all things Holy, do you REALLY think, Buckner is in heaven, smoking and downing beer? Come on people, get it together and stop being Soooo foolish in what you say and the way you think.

  3. Camella Jenkins on said:

    crazy, creepy, scary, gross, weird, yulk, etc. NO folks are known to be creepy and weird. What’s wrong with those people in NO?

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