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Along with promoting Think Like A Man Too, Meagan Good is spreading the word about her new book project with hubby DeVon Franklin. “We’re writing a book called The Wait,” the actress revealed during a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “It’s basically about, well, we waited to have sex before we got married.”

The lovebirds, who’ve been very vocal about their decision to abstain, share exactly how they got through a year of dating without any sexual activity in the writing project. “Obviously, we all know that it’s tough, but there were tricks that we learned that actually helped,” Meagan shared. “One of the tricks was knowing when to part ways. You know, if you feel it’s getting too hot and heavy and you just have to go.”

The 32-year-old beauty went on to talk about why she made the choice to wait. “I had been in a couple of relationships and I was like, ‘You know, this isn’t really working for me.’ I wanted to do something different and spiritually, it’s what I believe I always should’ve done. So I was like, you know, let’s try it this way,” she said. “It was very different and it’s been amazing.”

She also revealed DeVon was celibate 11 years before they got together!

Check out her full interview below and tell us if you plan to check out the relationship book.


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14 thoughts on “Meagan Good Reveals How She Survived Dating Without Sex In New Book ‘The Wait’

  1. seriously on said:

    Hotaltanta.. Bitter much? You sound jealous and bitter..You mention nothing of the single mothers, teen pregnancies, women with aids..That is because you are miserable so everyone who have miserable lifes you like. I wasn’t bragging about the length of my marriage, I was just stating how long I was married. This article is about setting standards for yourself, integrity and character…All of which you do not have or you simply would have said good for her. You will be the person who will always be jealous and envious of others because you do not have the integrity to set standards. You will fight all the good things and applaud all the bad things and in the end..You will always that person that longs for what others have and despise them for it…No everyone is not making a big deal about waiting til marriage. Just the women with enough character to know their worth is not between their legsl. I know you will never understand this, because your post read simple minded. But hey hate on, atleast you will be easily identified.

    • hottlanta on said:

      You think because you are married you can’t get AIDS. According to the CDC, STD and AIDS rates are the highest for married women. None of us are SAFE. One can have sex and still have character and integrity. Sex has nothing to do with it. A married woman can become a divorced woman which will make her a SINGLE mom. Even God couldn’t even tell you on your wedding day you will never be divorced or you will never get AIDS. I am looking at Vanzant right now about a woman who married as a virgin and this man is on television said he made a mistake by marrying her and she has been with this man for 20 years of her life. Even Tina on Mary Mary showed us how she had gone through it with her husband and my heart ache for her. There are lots of stories out there just like these women and you know it. Just like those are some who are happy that they waited and there are some who are not. I live in the real world you live in a fantasy world my dear. Jealous of what. There are a lot of women like myself will tell Megan to go somewhere and sit down with her mess because all of a sudden she is an relationship expert. Just like Steve Harvey telling women to wait 90 days before having sex when he didn’t wait 90 days before marrying his 3rd wife. Naw I ain’t jealous my dear but I can smell a rat a mile away.

      • hottlanta on said:

        Just finished looking at the Vanzant episode and the husband admitted to having sex with someone 30 days AFTER they were married. But she WAITED until she was married to have sex thinking she was doing the right thing and got cheated on anyway. This is the only man she has been with and my heart goes out to her because she is holding onto the fantasy about staying married instead of the reality especially when he said I realize made a MISTAKE when I married you but yet you wasted 20 years of her life. Tell Megan to talk to this woman and others like her and they will tell her she haven’t been married long enough to write a book about nothing.

      • seriously on said:

        Now you are just lying…The largest group of black American infected with aids are 13-24 age group. Clearly you have issues of envy, bitterness even if you have to make up stuff to justify your vileness and jealousy against others. Which is sociopathetic behavior I feel sorry for you, because their is no cure for sociopaths. But hey you can screw and never get married, Ms. Goode is not advocating that everyone should follow her lead, just a different point of view, in which intelligent knows it is always a good thing. You smell of a rat is just the familiarity of your own mind. I am done with you…because something is wrong with you and you only. And you lye,

  2. What adult (NOT TEENAGERS) waits a year to have sex; much less 11 years??!! What’s the point? I’m referring to grown folks; not kids. Listen up folks….sex RELIEVES STRESS. And I’m serious when I say that’s why there are lots of females that don’t have mates that are totally frustrated. Sex is a natural part of nature

    • seriously on said:

      A lot of men and women wait and their are other ways to relieve stress…I guess that is why African-American women are leading in the aids cases….stressed out from their bad choices in life…But I would imagine having aids would be more stressful than sex or raising kids in poverty. The women I know would care more about their bodies in this day and age than sex. We also have a obesity problem in black America and I doubt sex is going to cure that and when diabetes, heart disease, high blood, cancer hit..There is not sex relieve from that. Nothing wrong with setting standards for yourself.

      Personally anonymous cock just doesn’t turn me on…gotta say

      • seriously: You ‘seriously’ (pun intended) missed my overall point regarding sex. For the record I don’t condone unprotected sex. I will say this…..I agree there is an obesity problem in this country (not only in the black community). I’ve seen some women with arms bigger than my thighs, and some men with stomachs that look like they’re 5 months pregnant

      • hottlanta on said:

        A lot of women marry bad choices and have gone to the doctor for a physical and guess what surprise, surprise you have a STD. One thing for sure STD and AIDS doesn’t discriminate they don’t care if you are married or single. Who told you that married women don’t get AIDS and that they are not living in poverty as well raising their kids with sorry husbands.

  3. hottlanta on said:

    That is what he told you 11 years without sex and you dated for less that a year.. You didn’t WAIT too long. I wanna talk to the women who been waiting 10 years or more. I will keep my money.

    • seriously on said:

      Hate much? She is also 32 years old…You want to question someone? how about the girls getting pregnant at 13, 14 etc…Having kids they cannot afford. She was 31 years old woman who was mature enough to make the decision when to get married. I was 23 years old when I married my husband and a virgin and we have been married happily for 24 years. We can afford all of our children and a couple of my children our in college-ivy league college. I raise my children to respect their bodies and not every male or female is worthy of the honor or their bodies…Which is better than the teen moms, single mothers who will be clawing their way through life, them and their children. So keep your money indeed because you will never get it. You hating on someone for their good decisions because it indicts your decisions. Hate is easy to recognize..

      • hottlanta on said:

        It ain’t hate. The life you live a lot of couples who have had sex live the same life and even better. Marriages stay together because two people made a commitment to go the course and stay together. You are bragging on being married over 20 years, REALLY. Folks been married over 30 and 40 years and still get divorced okay. You have not done anything great. I have spoken to women in their 40’s and 50’s who are still WAITING on the marriage to have the sex and they are frustrated because they believed what mama and them said. A lot of them want kids but feel they are tooo old, they have had hysterectomies and some know that in their 50’s and a virgin the pickings are slim to none in fiding a husband to have sex for the first time. That is a reality and what she is selling is a fantasy but yet no one wants to talk to those women. You don’t know if your kids are having sex or not because they don’t need your permission to have sex. They tell you want you want to HEAR to keep you off their backs. I have also talked to women who waited until marriage for the sex and after they got married and had the sex they wish they had gotten it before the marriage. They were disappointed because everyone made a big deal about the WAIT and they were disappointed.

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