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Newlywed Kanye West has a message for you. A 30-minute message that is more than just a video, it’s an inspirational manifesto.

Maybe you think West is cray, the term he used in his now famous “N—gas In Paris” song or just a “jackass” as President Obama referred to him after he cut off Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards. But he sees all of this as proof that he’s transcended from an ambitious art student in Chicago to a worldwide superstar producer and rapper.

His latest (non-musical) video “Kanye’s New Testament” shares his life philosophy so maybe, you too, can hope to be as great as he is. (Yes, sarcasm is intended.)

So maybe he has a point or two, as this video shows. Don’t expect any flashy visuals – it’s a lot of stock footage with Kanye talking over it, but, well, if you can get through 30 minutes maybe you can learn something from the man. Or at least have more ammunition for why you think he’s an idiot.

Is Kanye cray? Is he an egomaniac? Should he just shut up and go away and enjoy married life? Or does he have some good points? Tell us. 

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