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To comb or not to comb?! That’s what one Brooklyn native is questioning the Carter clan about.

Jasmine Toliver out of Brooklyn launched a Change.org petition asking Beyonce Knowles to comb Blue Ivy’s hair after a recent photo hit the net with the toddler’s hair appearing “matted” and with “lint balls”.

Toliver explained:

“As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyoncé has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.”


The two-year-old’s hair has been a hot topic since it began to sprout because the Knowles clan has seemingly decided to let it grow natural and free.

Unfortunately, the little beauty has been the subject of blogs, ridicule and social media jargon i.e. memes for quite some time and she can’t defend herself- so when can it be considered going too far? Is it okay to comment on a child’s appearance?

The petition currently has 0ver 700 signatures. It needs 1,000 to get….who knows because we are sure Beyonce is reading the petition like this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What do you think about the petition? Sound off in the comment section. 

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(Photo: Beyonce.com)

54 thoughts on “Woman Launches Change.org Petition Asking Beyonce to Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair

  1. jeannie on said:

    Do the bby hair like for real yall saying leave them alone what yall don’t understand is haven a hait like dat can carry germs in all types of shit ,yall worry about what she should b fighting for knowing damn well the government don’t care so carry on on a anther page about bullshit but this little girl right need to look like a child a million doller bby not a child dat look likes she never seen a comb yea I understand its there child but being a parent your child suppose to look good first not them.we already know they have money y we can’t see a beautiful girl to show the world that u can keep up with ur daughter hair .I don’t care who don’t like it but I think its a good idea for them to have a campaign towards them .if they wonted there child to have a wild hair at least fix it up make it look like something .in fuck beyonce in jay z devil wokshiping ass I bet yall ant know that do your research to c .

    • tewdee Q on said:

      First learn to spell. Then talk about how someone else should be allowed to have their child’s hair styled the way they’d like. Some people spend so much time on thing of the outside that don’t matter. Open up a book and read it and the last thing you will see you will need to worry about is baby hair.

  2. Lori on said:

    Really! Lady get a life! Carter family is not worried about you! Her is is fine am natural! And she has way more money that you could ever imagine! It is combed, take a better look at it! Worry about more serious issues, like yourself

  3. Jessie on said:

    I feel people don’t care anymore how they hurt people. I think she should watch what she say about people kids because where I’m from that’s grounds for a old fashioned beat down.

  4. Janna on said:

    Really, with all the numerous issues that we are facing in this world, you’re concerned with whether someone’s hair is combed or not. Really, is that all your life is about? Must be a very lonely person.

  5. Ms. Tolliver,
    It is nobody’s business whether Beyonce or Jay-Z comb Blue Ivy’s hair or not and it certainly is not yours. I have a niece who if you put any moisturizer on her hair – 30 minutes later it will look like you didn’t put a thing on it. It was like that from the day she was born and she is now 4 years old. Another thing – you need to take 6 months to mind your own business and the other 6 months to leave other people’s business alone!

    • My 2 year old daughter’s hair looks like it is the same texture as Blue Ivy’s. I am constantly moisturizing and oiling her hair. However, after 30 minutes to an hour, it looks like I’ve done nothing. Also this is an age where toddlers pull hair bows and barrettes out of their hair. This is no big deal. Blue Ivy is beautiful, so leave that baby ALONE!

  6. GET ‘CHO LIFE — no body gives a flying flip whether or not Mrs. Carter combs her baby’s hair. Take it to Jesus!

  7. smdh on said:

    Jasmine Toliver, you are a freaking idiot, and the same goes for the 700 that signed the petition. GET A DAMN LIFE!!!!

  8. Tanisha on said:

    Just because you wear your hair natural does not mean that you should not comb it. I don’t think Beyoncé or Solange’s hair is always on point either. So that could be the root of the problem. Does there need to be a petition regarding this matter? No.

    • tewdeeq on said:

      Her hair is combed. Does it have to look like a white woman’s hair in order to be considered “combed”. GEt a life!

  9. Linda on said:

    A petition to make someone comb their childs hair-REALLY?????

    Blue Ivy is a very cute little girl–LEAVE HER HAIR ALONE–IF BEYONCE DOESN’T EVER CHOOSE TO COMB IT SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lakes33@yahoo.com on said:

    Mind your OWN business!!!!!!! What right do you have to state what should be acceptable hair care for someone’s child? Please tend to your affairs and that should keep you busy enough.

  11. Apparently Miss Jasmine Toliver needs a life!!!! Jasmine tend to the business I’m sure you need to take care of in your own mess.

  12. pac4me on said:

    Lord, what on God’s green earth is going on. That’s Beyoncé & Jay Z’s baby and if they want her hair to grow wide who’s business is it. we have a lot more important things to blog about – how about the unfortunate low percentage rate of graduation for our black males, how about the number of black males in prison, how about the large number of young black girls having babies out of wedlock, how about the number of mentally ill persons getting guns and killing innocent people – I could go on, but I have to go comb my hair

  13. With all of the mess going on with our young people, this is the story of the day?? Our kids are dying in the damn streets, and your concern is that babies hair?? What about the kids in the hood that don’t have the money to get their hair done? Why don’t you get up off your trifflin ass, and go comb one of their heads.

    • We have people in the Black Community, young and old, that can’t read past the 3rd grade level. We have young men serving time for crimes that they did not commit. We have young girls having babies out of wedlock, because they are not being taught any better. We have black kids killing each other at an alarming rate; and your concern is Blue Ivy’s hair?? Black America Web, we see enough ignorance in the damn streets. We don’t need you to add to it.

  14. NewsOne recently revealed a study by the University of Southern California where they found evidence that suggested Voter ID suppression is PREVALENT in 2014 and this U.S. Black creates a petition about SOMEONE ELSE’S Child?!!??!! Black people need to GET THEIR MIND RIGHT!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  15. Ladysilver on said:

    Let’s start a petition to get back peoples’ right to vote that have been taken away!! Stop this bullying campaign on this baby!! If you silly people aren’t careful, you will be back on the plantation with YOUR hair covered

  16. Mac Ben on said:

    Black hoes and other people’s hair…tsk, tsp; Ms. Toliver should work on her writing and use of the English language. Petition that- dumb bitch!

  17. hottlanta on said:

    If Beyonce name was ShaNaNa with in the ghetto folks would be outraged with her head so she doesn’t get a pass because she has money. Her head is a mess.

  18. Sydney on said:

    Out of all the things to concern yourself with in the black community, you want to post something about a 2yr old child. Let’s not talk about the deaths of black young men in Chicago, the unemployment of black people, the disparity of wages or decent jobs, etc…….let’s start a petition for a 2yr olds hair. I don’t believe in putting shame on anyone, so allow me to help to take it off of you. Do not allow your seek for ‘fame’ or ‘attention’ to demean someone else, least of all a 2yr old black child, who is beautiful. Blue Ivy will have more hair than most when she grows up because her parents haven’t ruined her hair by pulling, straightening, snatching, weaving, etc… Use your energy and talents towards something that will make a real difference. Yes! You have talents, although misdirected.

  19. jackie on said:

    You people need a life, you all are to involve in these celebrities lives. Beyoncé don’t need nobody to tell her what to with her childs hair. For the people who is starting this petition, what do your childs hair looks like . This has other issues that you nothing to do women to focus on besides Blue Ivy hair.


  20. Be honest…her hair was a mess. Beyonce has the resources to make sure her daughters hair is groomed naturally daily if necessary. Beyonce’s hair “never” looks like that. Take as much pride in your childs appearance as you take in yours.

    • Diamondgrrl55 on said:

      Are you serious? Hair is always a issue in the black community! It’s ashame that this little girl has to experience it publicaly at the of 2 or 3. Still young… Beyonce doesn’t wear her natural hair! Or yeah it would look like her daughters! Btw her daughters hair does not look a mess. Were seeing a picture not blue up close. It looks to me like she has curly hair and by the way lots of women are walking around with there hair like that. I have even been trying. There are products to get curls like that! Blue is lucky to have her hair curly and cute. There is a pic on the Internet with beyonce getting out a pool some years back, sporting what looked to be her real hair! Guess what it looked like that! There is nothing wrong with her daughters appearance. There is however something wrong with ppl.

  21. The Truth on said:

    Now this is some ignorant mess here. No wonder we are not taken seriously as a group of people.
    Really Blue Ivy’s hair. SMDH!! Jasmine Toliver please find a “real” cause to petition. This is a disgrace.

  22. Its so sad that in 2014 Black hair in its natural state with all its curls and coils is still disturbing to some of us! It’s no wonder that our precious children still suffer from low self-esteem. We cannot expect others to respect us when we don’t love and respect ourselves!!!

  23. daisypax on said:

    Just how does she know that Blue Ivy’s hair isn’t moisturized? Is she running her hands through the child’s hair on a daily basis? ALL SHE SEES ARE PICTURES. She needs to get a grip and worry about her own hair and not a goddamn superstar’s child. All the celebrities who have real scandals with their children and we’re concerning ourselves about an observance made with a PICTURE (becos I doubt this Jasmine Toliver woman has even seen Blue Ivy up close or even from far away).

  24. This woman needs to mind her own damn business. This is Beyoncé’s child, and she has the right to care for her child the way she want’s. Just like I wouldn’t like someone telling me how to groom or any other thing pertaining to my child. Of all the things in life she can start a petition for, like hunger or abuse, she has the nerve to start a petition about this baby’s hair? What a waste of brain cells.

  25. straightnochaser on said:

    And we wonder why it’s open season for everyone else who’s not Black to attack Black women, our character and our physicality. We have such low levels of respect for one another it’s pathetic, and some have decided to reduce themselves to attacking a toddler. This child is only two. How many folks can attest to how difficult it can be to get a toddler to sit still long enough for their hair to be combed? If they want to let her be natural then good for them and that’s their choice because she’s THEIR child. SMDH. Another sad day in the Black community.

    • tewdeeq on said:

      So GD sad but true. No wonder Black folks is always left behind. Yes, another “sad day in the Black community”…why we can’t ever get ahead not matter how many MLK’s and Malcolms X’s rise up to fight for us, -because some b. b.is concerned about ….hair!

  26. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    Are you serious? Why is she wasting her time with a partition? Is beyonce and jay z harming this child? Is she well taking care of? Are they not giving this child love? The answer: jay z and beyonce seem to be taking good care of little blu ivy. Whose to say she isn’t combing her hair? Maybe that’s just how her hair is growing and maybe beyonce doesn’t know how to braid and put little cute bows on her hair. Or maybe just maybe they both like her hair the way it is! Whoever this woman is who started this partition needs to take a seat and stop because you don’t give a damn about blu ivy, you clearly want attention lol. Worry about your hair and your daughter hair if you have any! That’s your concern, not other ppl hair. Celeb or not.

  27. I said it. on said:

    Talk about her mom’s wigs out of one side of the mouth a and her daughter’s natural hair out the other side. Can’t satisfy people.

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