Here it goes again, more outrageous rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce‘s marriage woes are surfacing.

This time around Jay Z is being accused of cheating on Beyonce with a VIP hostess at 10ak and reality star of “Princesses Long Island” Casey Cohen.

“One of the hottest girls he’s been seen with more recently is Casey Cohen, a VIP hostess at 1Oak in NYC, reveals another insider. “Jay probably sees her twice a month. He visits her while she’s working and then they slip away for an after party, She’ll hang out with him all night, flirting with him and touching him. . . .”

Beyonce is said to be considering divorce – rumor has it she is destroyed by the betrayal.

“Beyonce is considering divorce, say insiders. After all, evidence suggests Jay isn’t going to change, so it will be Beyonce who has to if she can’t live with what she’s hearing.”

Jay Z isn’t going to change? Well, Cohen isn’t the only woman he’s been rumored to have had an affair.

There’s video model Shenelle Scott who he allegedly has a teenage son named Isa that Blue Ivy looks alike.

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46 thoughts on “RUMOR REPORT: Jay Z Accused of Cheating On Beyonce With Reality Star Casey Cohen

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  2. You KnoMe on said:

    I’m believing this. When Solange was kickin’ his a$$ in the evevator, B didn’t look like she was jumping in to defend him. I’m thinking she was lettin’ loose for her sister’s sake. B was like “you go, girl…kick the Sh#t out of him!

  3. I think “B” has allowed herself to be controlled by “J”. I think she is in captivity, she need to find her way out of this, some way some how. If the truth will ever be told, he (J) has been abusive to “B”, she is afraid of him.

  4. what does beyonce expect?? she takes her husband to strip clubs and lets him practically f—- other women in front of her. she gave him the green light all the way so no crying now sweety

  5. Eternallegs on said:

    For some reason I just can NOT believe that Jay Z is cheating on Beyoncé. I have nothing to go on, just a gut feeling.

  6. Beyonce will never divorce his ass, they are an entity who are worth way too much. At this point what is Beyonce without Jay, he has made sure she is depending on him in more ways than one. From day one I didn’t believe this two are real and this just proves that.

  7. if it is true.. it just goes to show you.. WOMEN don’t give a F@#K a man is married or not..
    she very well knows he is married, she don’t give a F@#K! in her eyes, she take away that man and get his lifestyle too… DAMN HO…
    and he well, he a dogg no doubt..

  8. They saw a crack in the marriage and that was all they needed to find something to speculate about. This women is going to have to come out and say something or else she will be bombarded with hatred.

  9. Is the Black America Seriously, these websites don’t care anymore at all about any level journalistic integrity. They will just write whatever they think will get them the most clicks.

  10. I don’t know if it’s true, or not. But why SOME of us tend to believe everything we see in the tabloids is beyond me.

  11. 2Pacshabbabigge on said:

    Black men love the white ladies. They are controlled by “muh dik.” No black man ever has a real marriage for very long. White people are superior to blacks. Just look at Africa as proof. People living in mud huts, no money, practicing subsistence agriculture, getting HIV.

    • Who do you think you are? You ignorant, pompous, illiterate. You are so beneath any Black/African American on their worst day! Why don’t you try your luck and say this to one of us to our faces and see if you don’t live to regret that comment.

      • Shaiqua T'arique Jones on said:

        We be talkin’ fact here homes. Black culture is broken. Only white folks got the skills to lead humanity to a better life. Best for black folks to take a back seat on the bus and enjoy the ride.

  12. John on said:

    Hell…I’d do Casey too…for hours upon hours…tearing up trees, shrubs and flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…actually…I’d do any fine White girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black chicks just don’t turn me on anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey John: So I guess you look like a Shamar Moore, Morris Chestnut, Will Smith, Brian McKnight, Boris Kodjoe, or Michael Ealy??!!!!!!

  13. queta on said:

    She not going anywhere too much money on the line here, she will keep taking the abuse and go back with him just like rihanna with chris brown they are so out of it with no real self esteem or common sense!

  14. I was absolutely stunned, when I first found out that Beyoncé, was marrying this guy, Jay Z, trashes women in his so-called music, If a man calls women derogatory names, that tells you, just how they feel about women, this type of man has no respect for women, and will never be faithful. I don’t even understand, why some people get marry in the firs place, just stay single, and run around with as many people as you want to. I can see why, Solange, was kicking his tail in that elevator.

  15. Cheating is wrong, the race has nothing to do with it. Cheating with a woman or man is plain wrong. I can’t believe some of the racist comments in here. Cheating is wrong regardless of race. No race brings you down, but people. Every race and religion has it’s own set of good and bad.
    And I’m a minority.
    I hope it’s not true that he’s cheating on her. Beyonce in my eyes is more successful than he.

    • Traboe on said:

      That’s probably why she was tearing him up in that elevator…IF this is all true…which I don’t put it past him.

  16. Beyance is absolutely beautiful. If Jay is going to cheat on her……he is gonna cheat on anybody he’s with. Once a cheater….always a cheater. Look at her Dad……that’s proof enough. Why wait for a baby from some of these chicks.

  17. Jay Z is so damn ugly, don’t see what Beyoncé or any of those other women see in him anyway other then his money and there is got to be better looking rich dudes then him lol

    • abs: Good looks aren’t the only thing that most people look for in a mate. There are more other important things. Everyone can’t look like a Halle Berry, or a Michael Ealy. In fact most people are AVERAGE looking. Grow up.

  18. Carli on said:

    A person can cheat but eventually it will come out unless he lives under a rock. Money just allows them to hide it a little longer. I believe this is why Beyoncé has changed the direction of her career to. She’s trying to either follow Jay’s guidance or prove to him she’s still sexy. I’m sure Beyoncé is no fool. Either she listens to her gut instinct or look at how her father behaved. Many of these rappers have no positive stories when it comes to their wives. Behind that fake façade they show to the public are tears of pain.

  19. Linda on said:

    I hope that this rumor does not turn out to be TRUE!!!—

    White women have been brotha’s downfall from day one!!!!—-
    Plus, this chick isn’t
    all that attractive–B is gorgeous!!!!!!

      • true to myself on said:

        blacks staying with blacks and whites staying with whites is not the problem with people being unfaithful in their marriages. it’s not going to solve the problem. being unfaithful is a people issue it has nothing to do with race. that comment is ridiculous.

  20. pac4me on said:

    WOW!!! Why can’t we leave these people alone. If any of this is true, Ms Bey will find out sooner or later. She is a strong, independent woman and can either take him or leave him and that’s her business not ours

  21. C.A.A. on said:

    Regardless of how hot she is He’s married to a Queen! People give it a break about how hot a woman is stay away, stay close to home. Jungle Fever is not good for any “SUCCESSFUL BROTHER” of that caliber. It doesn’t last nor heal the pain of the spouse. We are not learning anything.

    • Julie on said:

      Are you a black man? Sounds like you are speaking from experience?
      Stay with your own.
      Who the F*ck cares about this trash?

  22. RENO2AC on said:

    Please stop. Why even give this space when it’s nothing but speculation and rumor. And, I’m not Jay and Bey fans, but come on.

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