Roland Martin talks to Pastor Jamal D. Bryant after a controversial line in a sermon he preached a month ago, has caught wind and offended many.

Titled “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare: Part 1”,  Bryant references singer Chris Brown popular song “Loyal” and recites the songs chorus, ‘these hoes ain’t loyal’ in the pulpit.

“I’m shocked because out of 29 minutes I affirm women and their dreams and the influence they have on their men…I made a comment referencing a song by Chris Brown that has become the proverbial fly in the soup ,” Bryant says.

Despite the backlash, Pastor Bryant still feels as if we all have to be on the same page regarding the offensive word.

“If the h-word is bad for our young girls in church, then is has to be a consistency. It’s got to be bad in music we play,” he continues.

Do you think Pastor Bryant apologized about his use of the line? We’ve got the answer!

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25 thoughts on “‘If It’s Going To Be Offensive In The Church, It Has To Be Offensive In The Media’ – Pastor Jamal Bryant

  1. msyellarose on said:

    I get what this man was trying to say, but it was still a poor word choice, and of all people to quote; a trash talking woman beater with anger management issues.

    • A trash talking woman beater with anger issues that a whole lot of black people – men and women support. Sad and disheartening.

  2. seriously on said:

    What is truly sad is how the Black Church is so easy to accept vulgarity and vileness of unspeakable levels. Nothing on integrity, character, which is always tied into your tongue. How sad that you defend preachers, ray nagins, gangster, drug dealer (i.e. 50 cents, dr. dre, ice cube), While this ilk has done nothing but tear down your community, women and children…And you reward bad behavior…As a preacher this man claim to be, he would not stooped to such level of vulgarity. It is truly sad that some Black people will follow and support bad behavior that is killing you and generations to come.

  3. Thomas Mickell on said:

    I believe Pastor Bryant was spot on. Some folk were caught in the just that one phrase in the sermon that they forgot the message. The Bible says that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. And for me, Pastor Leslie Callahan, Professor Tamura A. Lomax, Professor Brittney Cooper spoke on the Huffington Post and including Sybil, fell right into what he, Pastor Bryant, was saying which is women are emotional. I know that sounds bad when I say that, but they thought about how that one statement was offensive and not the context of the statement. They missed the message because they let their emotions tell them how to feel rather than allowing their minds think about the message and reaching empowerment.

  4. T. Haney on said:

    Where are the bible readers? The bible uses the word “Harlot.” Research the story Joshua Ch 2 about Rehab. But, someone tell Pastor that “harlot” aka “hoe” was loyal and got her whole household saved by “being obedient to God.”
    Then you should read the book of Proverbs start in chapters 5-31. It’s goes into great deal about the “seductive woman.” The bible Message Proverbs 6:26 says “you can buy an hour with a WHORE for a loaf of BREAD….”
    Bible Message Proverbs 30:20 says, “Here’s how a prostitute operates: she had sex with her client, Takes a bath, then asks, “Who’s next?”
    If that’s not good enough Read Ezekiel Chapter 16. And to top it off move to Hosea chapters 1 and 2. The Message Hosea 1:2 “God spoke to Hosea he said: “Find a whore and marry her. Make this whore the mother of your children. And here’s why: This whole country has become a whorehouse unfaithful to me, God.”
    Some bibles also use words like “Adulterous Woman, Prostitute, Seductress.”
    Regardless of which word he used the meaning and behavior is basically the same and it’s in the Bible.
    So what people need to focus on is stop degrading people by referring to them that way.
    Jesus can redeem anyone. For we all have sinned and come short of the glory. Romans 3:23.

  5. ok I have to share my opinion on this. (since I personally heard the tape on his sermon). people talk about “oh at least he told the truth bottom line” or this and that etc. Let me first say I am a Christian and a “baby in Christ” I have learned to not make pastors or preachers my “God”. I look to them for inspiration on the word since they have taken the time to become educated in Gods word and hopefully truly in their lives feel like they have been “CALLED” to deliver Gods word. The bible clearly states “be ye not of this world” if the world looks like an “apple” Christians need to be distinctive and be “Oranges” (I know weird analogy). I have personally seen Mr. Bryant speak and given a sermon, I’m sure Mr. Bryant means well and no disrespect but I don’t feel he is sincere in what he does I feel he is capitalizing off of Gods word and using it for fame and fortune and this is sad this is why people take the church as a joke today how can people believe God exist or people calling themselves Christians yet not one drop of Christ exist in their lifestyle and way of living? and you are using “wordly” terms that is not even in the Good book (at least I have not come across that word) if it is please someone let me know if it is,)this is not about being perfect that is impossible. I myself am not perfect but I sure am mindful of how I make sure people can distinct Christ like characteristics and I would never take on a leadership position in the house of God leading a flock if I knew myself was not disciplined in the word.

  6. Relax, anything goes in the church today. Didn’t this Pastor knock up 2 girls in his church? Members of the choir I think. He also had a series of sermons where the kids wore T-shirts that said FU and he changed the meaning to forgive you, so he’s always pushing the limits a bit. No problem, these guys are treated like rock stars and live like them too. True fans won’t abandon him and will support him as he insults them…

  7. How is this any different than Pastor Jentzen Franklin’s “Boaz Family Tree?” Why wasn’t there outrage over that? I think those of us who attend church regularly can attest to heating pastors/preachers bluntly speak the truth. They are not always judicious and gentle with their words. I think we should listen to the sermon in its entirety. Furthermore, while “hoe” may not be in the bible “whore” is, and God routinely called Israel a harlot for her idolatry. Additionally, I tend to think that some of the folks complaining probably cuss like sailors (or close to it), and some probably haven’t stepped foot in a church in months, but have the gall to be offended. I’ve certainly met plenty of Christians with filthy mouths that would put a sailor to shame.

  8. Sharon on said:

    Its funny how we can easily call out Pastor Bryant for words said to his congregation. Words that did not offend his congregation. Preaching is not politically correct. God does not call anyone to tickle peoples ears with pretty, cute messages. Its not about eloquent speech. No matter how you look at it, he told the truth. The word of God comes to offend. The public has soooo much to say when it comes to something like this, but are totally silent when it comes to abortion laws, marriage laws….things that affect us all directly.

    • The public is silent about abortion and marriage laws? Have you been living under a rock? And the fact that his words did not offend his congregation is what is most disturbing about this story. Speech does not have to be eloquent to be respectful and tactful. I don’t know how. I don’t know when. But how far we have sunk. Anything goes today. Nobody demands respect, decorum or civility from anyone anymore. It’s very depressing. The reverends of past years were no where near perfect and we knew it. However, I would not have been afraid to take my children to church to hear their sermons. These days, there is no telling what your child may come away from church with. And you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t mind having your son or daughter refer to someone you know – even you in such derogatory terms. And if you say you wouldn’t mind your son referring to his wife, sister, mother or grandmother as a hoe, then passa is the least of your children’s problems. Smh.

  9. Black people have too much religion and not enough reasons to truly comprehend the bible or themselves. Forget your opinions and stick with the WORD. In the Book of judges GOD himself made the same statement “Them HO’s Ain’t Loyal” i.e. referring to the Hebrews chasing everything but him. Maybe this is a conviction for all of you self righteous critics…

  10. Rena Walton on said:

    I was raised that the church should not look like or mimic the world (media). I shouldn’t hear the same slang, tone or anger when I enter the Lord’s house. I should hear the biblical word in its truth and be challenged to live and grow as a Christian. Not only did Pastor Bryant stretch the word he worked hard to make a worldly reference where one wasn’t needed. Pilate weren’t because of some whorish woman who lead him astray! I am happy that he acknowledged his mistake but he should have stopped taking after that. To continue by saying that media and society should also be held to a huger standard is hypocritical of him because He has accepted the call to save lives, not the TJMS crew!

  11. October on said:

    Maybe he is speaking from experience. The pulpit may not have been the best place to say this but Did he tell an untruth?

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      No, he did not. He told the truth and that is the bottom line. While it may be noce and sweet to simply preach the word in the way some people suggest, reaching young people today gets harder and harder.
      President Obama made a hrd choice last week by rescuing a solider under disputable curcumstances. As christians sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the traditional to reach someone ( as difficult as tha tmay be for some) So many keep concentraitng on Bryant, Roland, etc, etc. This isnt about them. Concentrating on personalities and how we percieve prople, ha, we could on all day long on that one. Your pont is well taken, he did tell the truth.

  12. Prophetic Imagination on said:

    I know y’all didn’t think that Roland Martin was going to speak out against him. Roland is just as narcissistic and misogynistic as Jamal Bryant. Birds of a feather flock together. Jamal Bryant has always been and will continue to be a womanizer and opportunist as long as people keep giving him undeserved attention. This is not a man after God’s heart. He is a man after God’s spotlight.

    • And as a Christian, that’s all the more reason you should be praying for him instead of talking about him. Although the ‘information’ we get from the media only emphasizes portions of his sermon, the whole sermon might have actually helped somebody. Your interpretation and understanding of the Bible might not be the same for everyone. IJS. One should not throw stones.

  13. Freeda on said:

    check out this talk. Maybe we can learn a thing or two about why Black Americans (of which I am one) are the way we are.

  14. Timekeeeper on said:

    Pretty soon we will need the politicall correct Police Force. Oh, excuse me we already have it. The twitteres, the bloggers, all of the holier than thou folks who never admit they’ve said or done the wrong thing. Peop;le who enjoy pointing the finger at other folks, just a slong as it takes the spotlight off of them. We can like people, admire peole, applaud peoplem even be fans of them. But as soon as they say something controversial, Wow!! We put them on blast and they become the scourge of the month. I am in no way excusing the word that Pastor Bryant used that has so many up in arms, So dont get it twisted. This whole country just seems to be living for the next blunder we can make some noise ( or some money) about. I think his congregation defended him becuase they know what he stands for, and they know his long track record of success standing up for our people and preaching the gospel ( personal issues he has had aside) It is only those on the outside who see this one mistake who quickly have a problem with defending him. In short becuase we dont know the man. This happens so often, just like when the GOP tried uisng the REv. Jeremiah Wright to destroy Obama a few years back. People took a snippit of their lives to pant an entire picture of both of those men. Yes, we may need to hold each other accountable, but what is needed even more is to have our own houses in order and not be so quick to judge when we misunderstand someone. He chose some bad words, but does that change the overall positive message. It is amazing how everybody, and I mean eeverybody knows that song. And that is all anyone can think about. And as for Sybil, she is a hateful, jaded female who bashes brothers anytime she has the opportunity to do so. Her trying to check Bryant is not unique or objective. It’s simply what she does. Breather, people breath. There are many, many things going on in this country to get up in arms about. This isnt one of them.

    • Tanisha T on said:

      You’re so right. We need to be getting mad about our kid’s academic progress; Our lack of obedience to authority and respect for elders. Fathers and mothers being in home, being PARENTS, not allowing TV and video games to do it. Monitoring what we listen to and how we act in public.

      Stop buying Michael Kors, Prada, Coach and get an education…. SMH. People have nothing better to do.

      • @Kay, and that would be a good time for a parent or someone in authority to open up a dialogue of positive language. One might think it’s gutter language whereas it could have been an attention grabber to get the message across. Not that I condone his choice of words but it certainly would have caught my attention to see why he chose to use such a word.

  15. Patsy Smith on said:

    Jamal Harrison Byrant is a disgrace he once stated a woman was smart but looked ordinary he is simply a hypocrite and Roland Martin is his friend. He was there to help JHB clean up his act. He reaped what he sowed. Another Narracisst

  16. Latonia Weathers on said:

    I listened to Pastor Bryant this morning on the radio….and I am grateful that he apologized…but what I have a problem with is some of the people in his congregation and elsewhere that defended him..I think you should speak to how we in our community come to the defense of negative behavior, if its another black person, our family, our friends and even our pastors….we need to hold each other accountable…so they will know that they were wrong…there were friends of mine that attend his church that thought he did know wrong….how can people see the Christ in us…if we only show Christianity when the trouble isn’t in our backyard….kudos to Sybil for her statements to Pastor Bryant…we just have to do better in how we talk to and about each other.

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