Kayla Miles‘ family was in an uproar after filing a missing persons report on Monday after not seeing their loved one for days.

Police can now ease the fears of Miles’ family as she was reported safe and sound.

KHOU.com reports:

Family members reported that Kayla Miles went missing on Monday morning. They asked police for help in finding her on Wednesday.

Worried family and friends put out fliers with the 11-year-old girl’s picture on them. They said she took her backback and left, apparently from a relative’s house in southeast Houston.

Early Thursday morning a citizen at some west Houston apartments recognized Kayla’s photo and contacted authorities.

When police arrived, Kayla told them she had run away and had been staying with a friend on Meadow Glenn. She said she was not hurt.

Houston police brought the Frost Elementary fifth grader to the Mykawa substation to answer some questions. After that her mom took her a local hospital to be checked out, as a precaution.

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(Photo Source: KHOU.com)

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17 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS: 11-Year-Old Girl Reported Missing Found Safe

    • 70% chance that daddy is out slamming’ with some other Ho or in jail. 70% black women single for those reasons alone. Those are hard facts. A picture of mom would likely reveal who and how an 11 year old learned to wear a weave and cake shyt on her face.
      Barbara if you ain’t willing to call out the hood behavior that is sinking the ship of our people, then you are equally guilty. Time for this shyt and the excuses to stop.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

      • Well Jiggy great name anyway the make up isn’t necessarily hood behavior she could be trying to be someone she’s not ( another race) and I won’t speak on the father because I don’t know what or where he is like I said he could be deceased.

      • I said it. on said:

        People will agree with the devil to make themselves feel righteous. If you shape your eyebrows, shave under your arms, wax, dye your hair, use any type of makeup, exercise for hours, wear braids with hair added in, wear a bra, or girdle, get your feet, or hands done, use lotion…your not natural. Self-righteous!

      • Have a seat, you sound stupid are you to let your toe nails grow until they curl out of control. Yep sure do shave under my arms, brush my teeth, take a bath wear deodorant and put Shea butter on my body and will continue to do so. Hell yeah I wear a bra. And you really sound stupid about the exercise. I don’t have to dye or add weave to my Natural Hair. You need to sit down on you self righteous soap box!

      • I said it. on said:

        When I saw how old you looked in the picture, I thought you had a tad bit of wisdom and could step out of yourself to see another point of view. My bad. Continue to play with Jiggy.

      • Well maybe you should have read all of my comments, before you started passing judgment and calling me self righteous. My wisdom told me to pray that you’re not of the devil. I don’t know Jiggy just like I don’t know you. I was giving my opinion, Now you have a blessed day who or whatever you are!

    • Jacquelynn4 on said:

      Agreed. Makeup, eyelashes, arched brows? That’s a lot going on for an 11-year-old who from the looks of it is still transitioning from baby teeth to permanent teeth.

    • Jacquelynn4 on said:

      Believe me, they know why she ran away. That might be why they waited 48 hours to report her missing. There’s definitely some issues there.

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