Since NBA baller Dwight Howard and his team were eliminated from the playoffs it looks as if he had tons of time to engage in an alleged relationship with a young girl — according to pictures.


Although not confirmed, a girl that looks as if she’s in high school uploaded a few photos to Twitter alleging Howard flew her and a friend to Florida to visit him.

While the photos aren’t evidence of anything inappropriate happening between the two, the mere fact that he is in a hotel room hanging out with young girls, is extremely questionable.



As of now no statement has been made confirming or denying the young girl’s allegations.

What do you think? Purely coincidental and innocent fun or…?

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(Photo Source: Twitter)

4 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Allegedly Parties With Underage Girl In Hotel [PHOTOS]

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    …how do we know they are not relatives, fans who won the right to hang (and there is a chaperone in the room somewhere) or friends of the family?? Surely he wasn’t dumb enough to mess around with young girls or to let them take pictures if he was up to something nefarious! The Brother gets the benefit of doubt in this situation.

  2. If not true, he is still guilty of being a fool for having a relationship with a 16 year old girl, flying her out and hanging out with her in a hotel room. Stupidity should hurt.

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