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Bobbi Kristina is not happy about the Lifetime biopic being made about her mother Whitney Houston‘s life.

Last week, it was revealed acclaimed actress Angela Bassett will make her directorial debut with the biopic set for a 2015 release.

But soon after this news broke, Houston’s family became vocal about not supporting the film. And Bobbi Kristina joined soon after.

“I don’t know how to feel, this so called “film” isn’t in my positive thoughts. That’s MY mother, what makes YOU think that’s ok with me?” she tweeted.

But it sounds like she’s more upset about not playing her mother than the movie being made.

“Any1 would or should EVER play my mother & tell OUR story, we’ve talked MANYtimes&1&ONLY person she approved of is ME. Understand that,” she continued. “&& I hope that answers every && ANYONES questions about it to me. You don’t have to like it, but it WILL be respected .. Always&4ever.”

Nevertheless, she knows her mother is a legend, and folks want to honor her.

She added, “TRULY understand ppl want 2love&honor#HERSTORY way they think should be told. But simply out of respect, All I ask isn’t mucho lol :).”

Remembering Whitney: The Music Icon Through The Years
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12 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Wants To Play Her Mother, Doesn’t Support The Biopic

  1. BuckwheatsMomma on said:


    Bobby Kristina can’t act. She can’t sing, and she is in need of an education.

    Far too may celebrities children feel that if their parent (s) were successful and talented then they can do it as well. A few can, but the majority do not have the talent!

    Unfortunately, Bobbie Kristina has no control over who does any film about her mothers life. Her aunt needs to make sure she understands that.

  2. Mary Burrell on said:

    Nope, Absolutely Not. Bobby Kristina is not a good actress and she doesn’t look like her mother. I don’t know who the actress will be who will portray Whitney, but it can’t and shouldn’t be her. Just squash that idea.

  3. Rhonda on said:

    I think there is one person in this world that will play Whitney Houston’s life, if given the chance and her name is Michelle Roberts from East Orange, NJ. Whitney is from our era and area. This girl is no joke!

  4. Renuzil on said:

    I don’t fee like a movie should be made if the family is not in support of the movie. Same with Aaliyah. Allow these people to rest in peace – and allow the families to have peace.

  5. Paris on said:

    I definitely think they (the individuals who are doing the movie) will be taking liberties with Whitney and Bobby’s story. They were on the outside and can only go off what they saw from the outside. It would take someone with first-hand knowledge (i.e. Whitney or Bobby Brown) of what went on in their relationship to tell the true story. Bobby Brown would be the person to consult with on making the movie but I heard he signed an agreement when he went into the marriage not to talk about their relationship if they divorced. Bobbi can offer some insight but she doesn’t know all the details. She definitely shouldn’t play her mother in the movie.

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