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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the death of poet and author Maya Angelou has dimmed “one of the brightest lights of our time.”

Obama said in a statement that he and first lady Michelle Obama will cherish the time they spent with Angelou.

He said Angelou had the ability to remind us that we are all God’s children and that we all have something to offer.

“Michelle and I join millions around the world in remembering one of the brightest lights of our time: a brilliant writer, a fierce friend and a truly phenomenal woman,” Obama said.

“Over the course of her remarkable life, Maya was many things: an author, poet, civil rights activist, playwright, actress, director, composer, singer and dancer. But above all, she was a storyteller, and her greatest stories were true.

Obama said “a childhood of suffering and abuse actually drove her to stop speaking, but the voice she found helped generations of Americans find their rainbow amidst the clouds, and inspired the rest of us to be our best selves.”

He presented Angelou with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, in 2011, and said the poet had inspired his mother to name his sister Maya.

Angelou died at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She was 86.

Former President Bill Clinton said her death meant that “America has lost a national treasure, and Hillary and I, a beloved friend.”

“The poems and stories she wrote and read to us in her commanding voice were gifts of wisdom and wit, courage and grace,” Clinton said.

Clinton said he will remain forever grateful for Angelou’s “electrifying reading” of “On the Pulse of Morning” at his first inauguration in 1993, and for the years of friendship that followed.

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7 thoughts on “President Obama Mourns Death Of Poet, Author Maya Angelou

  1. Don Laird on said:

    A Leftist/Liberal self-absorbed, sanctimonious, narcissistic, flatulent, new age, race-baiting, talk-show whore, self-help pimp, intellectually bankrupt, emotional drama queen, con-artist and windbag has left the room.

    Thank Christ.

    Unfortunately there will be a republication of all her books and her vomitous, “oh please stop it my ears hurt”, rambling “isms” will be regurgitated across the complete spectrum of Leftist/Liberal mass media.

    Oprah, in an act of great personal sacrifice and mourning, will swear off Krispy Kreme and KFC for a month. (Ms. Oprah’s frequent relapses in this period of rigorous mourning will be fodder for several tell-all books and a movie-of-the-week)

    Dr. Phil will be joined by the enormous Joy Behar and the rest of the morally bankrupt, dimensionally challenged cast of The View for a heart (gut) wrenching outpouring of emotion, tears and snot-filled hankies as they recount the “good times” and the deep, deep, profound impact Saint Angelou had on a deeply troubled and racist, narrow minded, bigoted, right-wing, gun loving, homophobic, White Privileged, Cisexist, sexist, anti-LBGQUTRECE, Islamophobic America.

    Carpet-munchers, Fudgepackers and a wide range of other half-wits, sexual deviants and brightly coloured human tassels in the Leftist Lunatic Fringe will petition the White House for the implementation of a national holiday in honour of Saint Maya.

    Yanni will pound out a commemorative album which will also serve in local hospitals as a back-up should stocks of Ipecac run low.

    First Lady Moochelle Obama will craft another of her world famous handwritten hashtag motivating signs.

    Starbucks will trot out a limited edition “Maya Herb Tea” in a gift pack format complete with a box of refreshing rose scented “Big Woman” vaginal wipes and a commemorative nasal cleansing Neti-Pot, ( handsomely embossed with a rare “Angelou-ism” )

    There’s so much more I could do with this, but I am weary so I’ll just leave it there.

    I ponder, misty eyed Maya once took an oath of silence for 5 blissfully quiet years…..why in the name of Christ could she not have endeavored to make that a life-long affair?

    Have a good one Maya, you’re God’s problem now.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


    Let’s have no illusions about Maya Angelou the hardened Leftist.

    Marguerite Ann Johnson, aka “Maya Angelou,” besides being an overrated hack writer, was a racist, devout communist, America-hater, a promoter of a wide range of perversion and sexual deviancy, an admirer of the Leftist butcher Che Guevara, a close friend of Malcolm X, and a strong supporter of Castro.

    Brainless radical leftist academics who dominate North American education force children to read this talentless race baiter, who was a stripper, madam (pimp) and a prostitute.

    She left the country to live in Africa and came back only to help Malcolm X build the Nation of Islam. She made an appearance at every violent, far-left, radical event, spoke at the racist bigot Louis Farrakhan’s 1995 Million Man March, and tried to get cop-killing Muslim Mumia Abu-Jamal released from prison.

    A devout supporter of, and apologist for, Islam, in any form and in any function, she insisted to her death that Islam had nothing to do with 9/11 or terrorists.

    As far as her “poetry” is concerned; Angelou is not a poet, not even a minor one and to assert that spits in the faces of the Kipling’s, Tennyson’s and Frost’s of the literary world. Angelou was vulgar, crude, superficial and talentless and stands among such poetic greats as ghetto graffiti and that revolting little homosexual reptile Allen Ginsberg.

  2. She carried herself in a way women should carry themselves, especially black women, I think she was disappointed in todays black women many of whom carry themselves like thugs and not women, as well as our me, so disrespectful torwards one another and women alike.young folk today never had to go through what her and martin experienced and saw first hand from racist.she was part of the american dream for equality and civil rights.she was indeed a national treasure.

    • I said it. on said:

      I doubt it. Have you read her journey. She is the epitome of what growth can produce. Ms. Angelou was not perfect, but grew to be phenomenal. I think she understood the process and would want to admonish and encourage all women to be better, not wag her finger, or shake her head. That’s why people were willing to listen and accept her wisdom. That was a part of her beauty.

  3. Honestly on said:

    The Nubian Queen Maya Angelou has left her people to ascend to Heaven. You will be missed for eternity Queen Mother for your love, nobility and dignity were the essence your humanity.

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