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Comedian Bill Burr stopped by the Red Velvet Cake studio to hand out with the crew and talk his upcoming performance at the Arlington Improv.

The Boston native was a good friend of the late comedian Patrice O’Neal and often hung out with him in the early 90’s.

“He’s the best I ever saw. We used to hang out. It was like a bad sitcom,” Burr said.

The TJMS decided to play White Person/Black Person Problem, a game that would show just how much he knows about black people (he married his longtime girlfriend, a black woman, last year).

Having a cold and a sunburn at the same time?

Burr: White people.

When the cashier says we don’t take food stamps unless we know how you’re going to pay?

Burr: …

Find out how the funny man answered this one and much more when you listen to the entire interview above!