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No one expected Floyd Mayweather‘s next boxing match to come so soon.

Reportedly, the boxer and rapper T.I. got into a fight in Fatburger in Las Vegas, reports TMZ.

According to the tabloid site, T.I. approached Floyd in the restaurant and began “jawing” in his face; that’s when the chair throwing brawl broke out.  According to TMZ, the reason behind the fight is unconfirmed but allegedly it is over Tiny.

In a clip posted on Instagram by an onlooker and also posted on TMZ, you can hear Floyd say to who most believe is T.I., “you control your b**** motherf**ker” while the two are being split up. See below.

TMZ reports one man suffered a minor injury and there were no arrests on the scene.

Floyd and T.I.’s camps have not commented on the story.

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