Guitar legend Carlos Santana is organizing a star-studded concert to fight racism and raise awareness of the problems facing black and Latino youth.

The musician is teaming with Harry Belafonte and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta to plans a special charity gig, which he hopes will feature a number of high-profile artists including actor/singer Jamie Foxx.

Santana says he felt compelled to act after the recent racism scandal involving Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

“We want to have a concert and bring Jamie Foxx and different kinds of artists, musicians of all colors and utilize this attention and this energy,” Santana told Billboard. “Obviously (with) what happened with Donald Sterling and what’s happening with people throwing bananas at soccer stadiums, you know, we have a lot to heal.”

Santana wants to call the event “You Cannot Break My Spirit” and have it broadcast in prisons across the U.S. to give hope to those behind bars.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

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2 thoughts on “Carlos Santana, Harry Belafonte Planning Anti-Racism Concert

  1. James R. on said:

    This is needed in every sector of our country, the Federal Government should also sponsor these events. Since EEOC, no longer helps anyone with discrimination claims. The NAACP could do more to help anti-racism. Since the 1970’s these organization such as the NAACP have ceased to help anyone, as America grows more racist.

  2. I love it. And it’s an idea way past it’s time. There’s a anti racism movement called (The One Race Movement) on Facebook & Please check it out if you are against racism in all forms…No Dues or charges. Just a desire to be involved with ending racism for ever.

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