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After much speculation, NeNe Leakes revealed she isn’t leaving “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Despite the rumors Leakes is quitting the show, the highest payed housewife isn’t going anywhere.

Leakes recent disapproval of the show fueled the rumors though.

“I will still work for Bravo. I’m happy to stay on. We just need to work out some thing. I’m happy to do some things. I don’t know if I’m happy to be a full time housewife.”

Nevertheless, she was present at NBC upfronts promoting “RHOA,” which will be going into its 7th season later this year.

How much do you want to bet, those “things” have everything to do with more money?

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31 thoughts on “Nene Leakes Isn’t Leaving RHOA

  1. Queenofuniverse on said:

    Ne Ne needs some competition. She bullys her way. The other housewives are not insecure they all have careers they can tirn too if RHOA fail.. NE NE needs someone to shut her mouth.
    Ne Ne was going places she put her foot in her mouth forgetting where she came from.

  2. cross on said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE nene she is the show DON’T give kenya the satisfaction.nene is number one kenya will never be nene can’t touch that.

  3. Charlotte Whigham on said:

    NeNe Leakes is one of the reasons “Atlanta Housewives”, has been No.!. She is the highest paid housewife in the franchise. She makes a million dollars an episode. So, love her or hate her, she is smart enough to be doing something right, and she certainly knows how to push you guys buttons. I hope this message is true, I hope she stays. I love ALL the Housewives shows, I have a tivo that tapes six shows at once, so I don’t miss any of them.

  4. I am glad she is not leaving. It does not matter to me if she squeezed more money out of Bravo or not, if she did, good for her. Anyone else would have gotten more money if they could have, you go Nene.

  5. she can’t get a job in hollywood so she’ll stay .Her time is about up soon she will have to go back to working the pole.

  6. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Janice901 why would you feel sorry for Gregg? Gregg left his wife and four kids for NeNe, he was a regular the strip club she worked at and gave him private lap dances. How could you feel sorry for someone like that? He cheated on his wife and left his four children (when they were small) and NeNe is a low life home wrecker! I could go on and on with negativity about those two rap sheet mug shot criminals.

  7. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Lori you said “But Kenya has brought the old Nene out”, wrong, NeNe is being her true self. Kenya has no control over NeNe’s behavior, that the same as stupid Porshia blaming Kenya for attacking her (Porsia assaulted Kenya). Abusive men have said the same thing “it’s her fault she made me beat the crap out of her”. REALLY?

  8. Rebecca on said:

    Despite the rumors Leakes is quitting the show, the highest payed housewife isn’t going anywhere.

    It’s paid.

  9. There was absolutely NO WAY she was going to walk away from a paycheck from Bravo like that. She is fame and money-hungary. I was hoping that she wasn’t coming back. I hated her bossy, ignorant and hypocritical attitude. Since Bravo is in the giving spirit, I hope they do bring back Sheree. NeNe needs to be humbled! Marlo, Kenya & Sheree can do just that!

  10. Lori on said:

    At first I was impressed that Nene had changed. She seemed to have backed off. But Kenya has brought the old Nene out…Kenya brings out the bad in everyone. She’s the one that seriously needs to leave. I DVR the show, and every time she comes on, I fast-forward it. It seems to me she has to make up drama and cause drama in order to stay on the show. She is nothing but a has been and needs to move on….

    • Lori on said:

      I meant to say, Nene seemed to have changed from the year Kim was last on. I truly didn’t like Nene then. Couldn’t stand to listen to her at all. In the beginning of this season it seemed she had calmed down some, till Kenya started her crap…

  11. Janice901 on said:

    That entire cast is ignorant but Nene takes the award for the most ignorant. She has always been a bully and she can’t win with words so she just speaks louder or she runs away so you can’t hear the person winning with logic. With Nene it is all about her ego and $$, how else could she support her lifestyle? I feel so sorry for poor Greg.

    • Nene may have been a “Rich Bitch” but I think things came down to having to scrape around to make ends me so she definitely would not leave the housewives. I didn’t watch the last reunion as she was so disgusting on the second I couldn’t waste my time. Too bad she could’ve been a great actress.

  12. Penn on said:

    NayNay needs the $$$$ so of course she’ll be back. She isn’t able to do anything else and I seriously doubt she can get that a$$ up a stripper pole now.

  13. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Bravo is desperate for the ratings, so airing dramatic shows negativity, arrogance and rude people is all they have to offer. Bravo thrives on negativity for the ratings nothing positive, it’s basically a Jerry Springer type Network meaning No Class at all= Low Class trashy drama.

  14. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Of course she’s doing it for the money, she has no other income and neither does her Porter Gregg. I’ve watched the show since “day one”, but I won’t be watching it anymore, I’m done with all that drama sick and tired of the bad attitudes, the two faced back stabbing, the lies and they’re scared of the big bad wolf bully NeNe. She calls it being a boss no dear you are a insecure bully, something you’ve done your whole life because your mother scared you when she abandoned you.

  15. Carole Stillman on said:

    I always enjoyed watching NeNe but this season took the cake. It appeared that she thinks her shit don’t stink, she is always right and is a bully. I look forward to Bravo, a fan for many years, but when NeNe appears I will take a long yawn.

    Carole – Staten Island, NY

  16. you are so right she thought being in the movies would make her rich she is the poor little rich girl who lost her fame. she needs the money like everyone else .the way she tlked about the gay guy was so wrong.she is a drama queen

  17. hottlanta on said:


  18. on said:

    Nene can’t afford to quit RHOA no matter what she says, she is the biggest problem on the show. Her Hollywood life has ended and she really has no other steady income besides RHOA. This girl is so delusional about her status it’s scary. She needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. SMH

  19. Bravo’s Andy Cohen ain’t crazy!! whether he, or Bravo likes that ‘Athens Coon’ or not. she is the Core of Negative, Divisiveness, Backstabbing. and great for ratings aka his ‘Cash Cow’!!! what else she’s gonna do??? #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  20. Nene, you are dismissed! Your attitude of “Ms. thang” no longer works! So you can take your moose tail and leave! We no longer care to watch that ratchet attitude of yours. good-bye!!!

  21. redbone1954 on said:

    Exactly!!!!! she may be ignorant but she ain’t crazy who the hell else is going to pay a moose the kind of money they are giving her????? What are her other options????? Her other 2 shows are either gone off air or are about to go off the air P L E A S E

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