We aren’t sure about this one… but the New York Daily News is reporting a source close to the Carters has revealed the reason behind the brawl and it involves Rihanna.

Reportedly, Jay Z made plans to attend Rihanna‘s Met Gala after party alone and that set Solange off! Of course, this was after Jay Z confronted Solange because some of her “non-famous” friends were trying to get into the ball using Jay Z’s name.

The site reports:

“They wouldn’t leave and kept name dropping Jay Z. They were pretending they were guests of his and not hers. Management went to Julius (Beyonce’s bodyguard) and said there’s a problem.”

After shutting down Solange’s friends, the younger Knowles decided she wanted to leave the party but the only problem was that Jay Z wanted to go to Rihanna’s party without Beyonce and of course, without Solange.

A source told the New York Daily News, Solange chided, ‘Why can’t you go home?’ to Jay Z and exclaimed ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?'” to her sister.

That’s when things went left, Jay responded “You’re one to talk” causing Solange to flip out and physically attack her brother-in-law.

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Do you believe the source?

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36 thoughts on “Solange Hit Jay Z for Trying to Go to Rihanna’s Party Alone (REPORT)

  1. C.A.A on said:

    You people live for this!
    Always a story. Always something to report negative or slightly positive. Give it a break. Are we learning anything or seeing what’s going on??? NO.

  2. Penny Wooten on said:

    If Bey didn’t have a problem with him going to the party why should she, don’t put ur fuck’in hands on my husband, I’ll handle him myself !
    Wheres Solanges husband, she ain’t got one…

  3. wimee2 on said:

    You are a champ, Solange. ..you knew what and why you did this..you know Jayz is and always will be in love with Rihianna…Tell all, Solange. ..tell it all…

  4. wimee2 on said:

    Jayz has and always will be in love with Rihianna. .. no one can take her place.. Beyonce was and still is an investment to him.. Beyonce pushed herself on him..People a blind man can see it has always and always will be Rihianna. .she cannot take Rihianna place..it is obvious…a blind man can see that..baby or no baby..Rihianna. has Jayz heart..and Solange knows it..it’s time for all you bey worshippers to face reality

  5. Why does everyone presume one is “psycho” simply because they have low tolerance for certain behavior. “Crazy” people do not have the wherewithal to walk quietly onto the elevator and THEN wait for the doors to close before acting out. She clearly knew others were watching, as confirmed by her calmly walking to the car afterwards. A crazy person would have acted out in the public view with no consciousness of being seen or heard.

    Come, come now folks. You are no more psychologists or judges or Solange’s character than anyone knowing the real facts causing this incident.

    • a low tolerance for a certain behaviour? you mean speculated behaviour based not on the actions of the person who behaviour is being presumed, but on the seen actions of the person being violent? Cop On.

      Also, “psycho” is short for psychopath ! not a crazy person.
      ““Crazy” people do not have the wherewithal to walk quietly onto the elevator and THEN wait for the doors to close before acting out. She clearly knew others were watching, as confirmed by her calmly walking to the car afterwards. A crazy person would have acted out in the public view with no consciousness of being seen or heard.”

      To have enough control to wait till you think you are “safe” then become extremely aggressive and/or abusive, is a hall mark of the psychopath.

      Psychopaths are not “crazy” they have amazing self control as they do not have empathy or basic human emotions. They lie compulsively and have no remorse, they abuse people and make the people they are abusing feel totally weak and question their own perceptions… “gas lighting”.

      She may or may not be a psychopath, but to say having the control to wait till the doors close, is a sign she is not, is not just wrong, it is the opposite of the truth. Psychopaths, always wait for the doors to close.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Hopefully someone will tell that to TMZ since they had this obsession to get a story out. Much ado about petty stuff. It’s not even tabloid material.

  6. October on said:

    So what if he wanted to go alone. Apparently, Bey didn’t mind. If she did her body language in the elevator would have displayed her disapproval. Where is the souce who said he slaped Bey? Let’s see it so we all can get the full story. And not all Black women are violent.

  7. Uncle Ruckus on said:

    Jay-Z dd not smack Beyonce! That post you saw was from a fake Twitter account! If you look it, it’s way more than 140 characters. Stop believing everything you hear! We will never know the total truth about why she did what she did. Now if Jay had hit her clown a$$ back, then everybody would be in an uproar. But you lames think it’s funny because she was attacking that man. Man on woman, woman on man, neither act of domestic violence is acceptable. Jay should pull a “Kenya Moore” and press charges! Solange needs to be locked up for what she did way more than Porsha deserved to get arrested for what she did.

  8. Virginia on said:

    Even though I don’t for one minute believe that’s what happened (it doesn’t make sense), but IF it did, why in the H@LL would it be Solange’s business what BEYONCE’S husband does? That is NONE OF HER BUSINESS. It would explain, however, why Beyonce didn’t react. Solange should mind her own business.
    But as I said, that scenario makes NO SENSE to me as a long, long time married woman. I cannot imagine either of my sisters injecting themselves into my life like that (nor would I meddle in their relationships). If they did, I would side with my husband first.
    I’m with those who believe Solange may have had a little bit too much to drink, and the Carters knew from experience that the evening would get worse for everybody if she came along with them. They may have been trying to get Solange to go home, and she didn’t want to.
    How many of us have gone through that experience with an “over lubricated” relative or friend who wanted to extend the evening or even drive while intoxicated??

  9. Debbie on said:

    All of yall are idiots!!!! No one knows what the hell happened!!!! Can we now focus on jobs and keeping out kids out of jail?

  10. The blatant anti male sexism and hate in society really got shown up here… everyone presumes the worst of a man and the best of a women, even when she acts like a psycho and has a track record. … not in the chats though!

  11. Lecia m on said:

    I mean why would his big lip ass want to go to skanky big forehead party alone. I wouldn’t trust that either, i mean who’s the next blood sacrifice.

  12. Anon on said:

    @udontknow…..you are dead on! she saw Joe Camel slap Bouncey and went in. Too bad he’s BEEN slapping her and Solange just now finding out….train wreck

  13. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    This could be true but I’m not sure if I believe jay slapped bey??? Anyways I agree with solange standing up for her sister if that’s what she was doing for any reason it was. I come from a close family and if you mess with one you mess with us all lol. However my mate is not to touch anyone in my family and I would not let them fight. I’m not sayin bey should attack her sister but she could of tried to calm her down. Even if her sister was standing up for her just thank her and let her know you will handle it at a later time cause this isn’t the place.

  14. UdontKnow on said:

    Thats NOT what happened, your source is wrong..Solange seen Jay smack Beyonce..Jay wanted to go to Rihannas party both chicks got upset..Jay got upset an smacked Beyonce thats why little sister went off, she posted it on Twitter!! then took it down, but too late TMZ already captioned it on there twitter page. So believe what you want..Peace!

    • what people believe when it is impossible to tell, only speaks of who they are, not the situation in question.

      I don’t care about celeb culture, I do care about society though. I have never spoke at any length about any celeb issue. On this I commented a lot, because of the sexist reaction of people. How is a man supposed to get justice in family or criminal court judged by these people?

    • brownsugar on said:

      How did Jay Z disrespect his wife? I’m married do I need to go every where my husband go? No I don’t. I do don’t understand why some females feel the need to be go every where they man go. And if that the situation Bey needs to be mad, not her sister. Solange needs to stay out husband and wife business.

    • ye, how did disrespect her? surely you know that these types have to be on the scene? and you don’t have to bring your wife(and her sister) everywhere, just like women don’t have to bring their husbands everywhere! In fact it is better not to, you need to still be an individual to have appeal to your partner, also, being in each others presence the whole time would get very irritating.

  15. Mac Ben on said:

    Thats whats wrong with some of you black bitches…always tryn to run a man- another man, that is not even your man!!! Get some business, Solange…go write an album or something. Quit dickridin your sister’s husband and tell your nobody-friends to stop name-dropping “Hov”!

    • it’s the same all over the world, it’s a woman thing, not a colour one. … I think, are black women worse than other women for this violence and tantrum behaviour? maybe you guy do have it worse…. but wow, if you do.. you have it really bad.

      • Virginia on said:

        Agree. I’m a black woman (not a “bitch”) who’s been married for a long time. I can’t say I’ve never been jealous, but I have never riden him over it, and most of the jealousy happened between the two of us when we were young and immature. However, I would NEVER attack him physically like that, and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t attack one of my SISTER’s husbands over something he did. That is None of my Business.
        That’s why I don’t believe that’s what happened. Solange needs some serious professional help, and I hope the family will get it for her.

      • thanks for the answer Virginia, but I’m still wondering. American Black men seem to get a very hard time from black women, if you look at men’s rights groups that are not ethnically centred, they don’t seem to say ‘white women get 60% less jail time for the same crime as a man” …. but, black men do, and from the examples they give it seems that, it’s not feminism or women getting away with stuff as much as it is about their behaviour.

        They say, now I am typing from Ireland, I did live in the states for a year but I am going by what I have seen in media and been told, that black women are crude, greedy, think they are owed something by men and constantly make load hostile demands of them, get very angry with a black man having a white or non black girlfriend, extremely and overtly bitchy…. it’s like some unpleasent female traits(not in all women of course and can be in certain types of women as a group, we have that here for men and women too) on steroids.

        Also there seems to be a lot of fighting, hard serious fighting between women of this type, no self restraint or self respect to try and you know, be polite, not vulgar, show a bit of dignity ….. I watched one guy Tommy sotamoyo I think his name was, some of the videos sent in to him!

        Is there much too this? are there differences by colour…. you do see white women of a certain type doing similar. But the black guys seem to be adamant black women are in a group of there own re vulgarity “hair hat-ness” etc.

      • Mac Ben on said:

        real quick…all the ones I ever dated were cheaters or stupid enough to get tricked out of their drawz…moms was a crackhead (she chose fuckin’ drugs over her kids and they killed her…smh); it is not hate, but tough love. I want black women to do BETTER.

  16. 123Lovie on said:

    Of all the theory’s I have heard today this one seems close to feasible relatives all up in your business where they don’t belong but think they need to be! May little alcohol to set the mood of a bad disposition off just saying; Anywho jury is still out.

  17. She has to understand they have a mariage and if she dont stay out of there marriage, there marriage will fall apart.allow beyonce to handle her husband.allowing him to ago is a sign I trust my husband, saying know you dont trust him.even married couples need a little break from each other.

    • SINATRA KITT on said:

      Everyone needs a break for sure, but would you go where the bricks are already laid to fall. Trust is not the priority, respect is…

    • are you f-ing serious “She has to understand they have a mariage and if she dont stay out of there marriage, there marriage will fall apart… bl bla bla” that’s what you say about someone who interferes, not who attacks you! … and it seems like it had nothing to do with him not brining Beyonce… soloagnge is a psycho it seems, that is what she need to address…. and didn’t she post that jayz had hit her(put hands on her)? that is disgusting, she is disgusting, well from this behavior anyway

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