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Two young black boys were arrested in connection with the shooting death of Jermane Clark, a North Carolina A&T State University football player, last week.


Greensboro natives, Kendrick Robinson, 22, and Lemiah Sanders Jr., 20, were charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

WXII2 reports:

Clark, 22, was found shot just after 11 p.m. on the street outside his home at 425 Stedman St. just west of campus. The Winston-Salem native was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Moses Cone Hospital.

Greensboro police allege Robinson and Sanders shot Clark and robbed him of $200, as well as 1/4 pound of marijuana. It’s not yet known if the three men knew each other.

Both suspects have criminal records. Robinson was convicted in 2012 of robbery with a dangerous weapon, while Sanders was convicted in March 2013 of felony possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance.

Clark was a sophomore psychology major at A&T, and he was listed as a linebacker on the Aggie football team. He played in six of A&T’s 11 games last year and assisted on one tackle against Hampton.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Clark attended R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem for two years and was featured as a WXII Flow Athlete of the Week in 2009. He also attended Oak Ridge Military Academy and the University of Colorado before transferring to A&T.

The death of Jermane Clark makes him the third HBCU student athlete to be killed this year.

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(Photo Source: WXII2, Facebook)

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10 thoughts on “North Carolina A&T Football Player Shot, Killed

  1. Amenra Amenra on said:

    “Two young black boys were arrested in connection with the shooting death of Jermane Clark, a North Carolina A&T State University football player, last week.” I looked at those two cockroaches, and wondered what part of them suggests young boys. There are many idiots who are apologists for the criminal elements, in the Black community. I see North Carolina has the death penalty, I hope if those two scumbags are found guilty, that the death penalty is carried out.

  2. I really feel for his family. This is so sad. And so typical. Yet the only time outrage is expressed by the general black population is when a black person is killed by someone of another race. Jesse “nut yanking” Jackson. Al “The Perm” Sharpton. TD “Big Money” Jakes. Let’s hear from you. RIP Baby boy.

    • blackmoses73 on said:

      what do you want them to do hold your hand and burp you too?Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. We need to stop looking for someone to give us an excuse or a reason for why we do the things we do. Big mommas are not around anymore our sisters don’t want us, hell they don’t even want us on jobs because they fear us.I suggest people our black men young and old watch Baby Boy again,but not for the obvious reasons..Wake up Brothers

  3. Same tragic story,stories black on black genocide,eugenics in full effect. How many ask their self’s
    the question how did the mentally of so many black males to kill each other over paper money with dead slave owners on it and other cheap made material items.
    It all goes back to media exposure of self destructive images and programming.
    A vast % have no clue as how it really works,but they keep wondering why do these tragic events keep happening over and over.
    In the long run black families and black people here lose in the long run.

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