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Roland Martin talks to Congressman Dan Scott about the President Obama’s controversial decision to seat two well-known leaders who led the voter ID effort in Georgia and the other who voted for the confederate flag, on the Federal bench for life.

“I think it’s really despicable and shameful and painful chapter here in America, ” Scott says. “To have this being done by the first African American President.”

Click the audio above to hear Roland’s entire interview.

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2 thoughts on “‘It’s Despicable & Shameful That This Is Happening Under Pres. Obama’- Congressman David Scott

  1. Democrats only come to African Americans when they want something… Republicans don’t want us… Tea Party… Well, we know. This does not surprise me and now I am ready to hear the spin

  2. Dawna Trammell on said:

    it sickens med to hear democrats criticizing the president, i appreciated Mr Scott’s info, i did not know that and i live in douglasville just outside of atl, but you never hear of the democrats supporting the president, they keep their distance until there is something to complain about, they are a sorry excuse for a party that so call represents us, i am looking closely at the candidates for the senate and congressional seats, as well as city and county candidates, and i want them to know that their record will determine my vote not just party affliation, i will protest and speak out vehemently against this appointment, how bout the democrats as a party grow a pair!!!!!!

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