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TMZ is reporting shocking video footage of Solange physically attacking her brother in law, Jay Z in a hotel elevator at the MET Ball in NYC last weekend.

Beyonce is spotted standing next to Jay in the elevator as a bodyguard holds Solange back.

What do you think set Solange off? Leave us your comments below!

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100 thoughts on “What Did He Say? Solange Attacks Jay, Beyonce Looks On [WATCH]

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  2. Kimberly on said:

    Solange should have done anything she wanted except put her hands on Jay-Z. Speaking as a mom with a son. She would have gotten her azz handed back to her. Some us women and men have to realize this era is different and you will get f’d up. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves. If Solange want to protect her sister, she should have ask Beyoncé to move out. End of story

  3. Why is this so important. It happens everyday and people say nothing, but because its JayZ everyone has a comment. Do not agree with violence of any kind from or by anyone but “really” get over it.

  4. Black people always make excuses for violence and that’s why we have the highest incarceration rate, and death of violence. Stupid you have no right to put your hands on anyone unless death is imminent. When are we going to stop condoning violence and making excuses, rationalizations, and justifications for the his action. When the death toll is higher in the black community, or when someone kills someone in your family or you? STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Andrea Poole on said:

    Everyone keeps saying how he done something to Beyonce, and that’s why she flipped out. A marriage is between 2 people, not 3. She should mind her own business, and maybe she would have a husband too… Ijs

  6. She went to that ass because she knows something that the rest of us don’t know. THE TRUTH BEHIND THE PICTURE PERFECT SMILES.

    • Cmonaj00 on said:

      This needs to pass its nobody business what family issues they are having and no one is speaking out because they feel the same. Let them continue with the fakeness for the camera. Hopefully they work things out.

  7. Please refrain from the sterotyping…all people get angry…it’s part of life….guess what? I bet you’re a black man…..LOL….and black men used to BEAT black woman constantly (e.g. Tina Turner) so just relax and hope they make amends…stay positive!

  8. This is just family…..everybody has fights/arguments/fueds…..they’ll make up and put it behind them….besides, I’ve always seen that it takes two to tango and I would suspect he played a part in this too…….he’s not completely a victim….I just remember how Porsche was badgered by Kenya, sometimes a person just gets tired…..

  9. Chucktown on said:

    Likely she was taking up for her sister. If someone were to say or do something inappropriate to my sister and she just cowers or takes it, i would be the 1st to pop off in her defense. Beyonce didnt physically try to calm her sister which makes it look like she was the factor of this altercation. Jay knew there was camera’s in teh elevator and he couldnt react! He also knew that Solange would not keep quiet like her sister either!

    • You are on point!!! Solange is not a puck, and she is not going to kiss Jay-Z’s ass. She is going to whoop it instead…

  10. Kind of curious as to why Jay didn’t get out of the elevator when it got to the Lobby floor. They all stood in the elevator. The big boy even got out and left them alone for a second. I also noticed that the guy punched the buttons a thousand times and the elevator did not move. Sort of peculiar huh…

  11. pac4me on said:

    None of us were there while this was going on or prior to Solange going postal on Jay-Z so we’re all speculating on what may have sent her over the edge and Beyoncé may be pregnant so that might be an explanation of why she didn’t want to get into this mayhem

    • Mac Ben on said:

      That is the back of someone’s head…prove to me that the person is underage…or even a girl. Looks like a random ass paparazzo to me..meh…; next time, show the entire video.

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