Most people who’ve seen the photo of 13-year-old Willow Smith laying in bed with her shirtless 20-something year old friend actor Moises Arias, have found an issue….but not Willow’s mom Jada Pinkett-Smith.

When asked about the photo by TMZ reporters, the actress and activist chided:

“Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash on to it and you’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

What do you think of Jada’s response?


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30 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett-Smith Defends Willow’s Controversial Pic: ‘You’re Acting Like Covert Pedophiles’

  1. James R. on said:

    Jada, about a week ago you as a married woman lays down on a couch with your backside turn up for the world to see, this week you have a picture of your daughter in the bed with a 20 year old friend, she’s a minor in the bed with a man, and you are calling them pedophiles. Jada, this is warped parenting. Plus your son friends is probably having a field day fantasizing, and thinking of your image nude.

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Parents are weird freaks with an open marriage, kids raised in a messed up dysfunctional household with no morals or values and given too much freedom = you reep what you sew.

  3. ReddTBone on said:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one speaks volumns. Firstly why is a friendship encouraged between this barely teen and an adult?? Secondly, any bedroom pictures are instinctively considered intimate and this makes the situation crossing the line. I believe in a child’s freedom to a degree but as responsible adults and parents we should be establishing and maintaining the boundaries that these kids should be respecting. There are limits and this picture shows that they have been allowed to cross it. I cringe to think where they will allow these boundaries to be pushed next. Jada…you better wake up Honey bc some things can’t be erased or taken back.

  4. carol brabson on said:


  5. I believe, that no matter what the real reason for the photo. This is a huge moral mistake. You have just placed your daughter into the next level of her life. Adult hood, before she has graduated from high school, with the understanding of what it means to be an adult. Call whatever you want, she’s still a kid in grownups world. A child should stay in her place, no matter what.

  6. Simms on said:

    All you righteous people who is so quick tell everyone to “mind your own business”. If you don’t want people to talk about it, THEN DON’T PUT IT ON SOCIAL NETWORK.

  7. Simms on said:

    This child’s has been crying out for help for a very long time. There seem to be no parents in this child’s life. I don’t know of any parent or parents who would let their 13 year old child on a bed with a 20 year old young man, unless it was a relative. There is something very wrong in that household. I will predict that , that child will end up killing herself one day.

  8. Diva2K4 on said:

    It’s funny how people quote “It takes a village to raise(rear) a child” until it’s their child up for chastisement. Sure now it’s, “mind your own business”. After, “Why didn’t anyone tell me…” To each, his/her own!

  9. Rhonda Madden on said:


  10. IanRousseault on said:

    I actually feel very sorry for her and Will Smith, they may be celebrities but they are dumb as hell!!!!!!!

  11. Tammy on said:

    I understand what Jada is saying because people/kids can lay in bed to just lounge around. I know folks who had big rooms and when you visit them, everyone go in the room to hang out. Now having said that, because we live in a society with nasty thinking people, it is just best not to put pictures like this out or admit it is ok to do this. It is just like being a woman and wearing short and tight clothes, you may not be wh*re but if you dress in these types of clothes, people will think it.

  12. Deb on said:

    Will, your wife is talking like she is on the same level as your 13 year old daughter. The child should be outside playing, not laying on a bed taking pics with a grown ass man. Jada, shouldn’t she be hanging out with GIRLS her age? Mine is grown Mrs Smith. Learn how to be a real mother and stop trying to be her friend to make up for shortcomings. Most of us have raised kids already. Get that child some help, and get yourself some too.

    • Joey on said:

      @ Deb I agree with you Deb, why can’t willow have friends her age, last time she was in a video, singing about some summer love she had,, she was twelve,, now she is thirteen and laying across the bed with the 20 year man,,NOW where are the parents, is she at his home or her home,, see you cannot, tell me something is going on with the parents with the whole family, something is going on, and maybe willow is allowed to do what she wants,, ( that is what it looks like), now her brother is 15 or 16 now why? is she hanging out with other young women who go to clubs ( I mean really Jada are you serious),? I question how defensive you are every time willow is in some unpredictable position.
      Where is her Father? Please something is going on in this family and something has happened between will and jada. ( we don’t what it is), but why did they Post the picture. But we have to realize she is signed with Jay-Z. so lets pay attention to what he represents. and now look what has been created. these people are rich ,, wealthy they can do anything and excuse anything they want too.
      I really do not care what JADA says she off doing other things, anyway! she need to be checkin
      these fools who put this Crap, out there.

  13. Wes moore on said:

    The pic seemed inocent, however, the question, WHY was it being taken, the WHO was Chaperoning the CHILD and yes JADA response is less than what you would expect from a mother..

  14. Linda on said:

    It’s not the picture, it’s the fact that a 13yro is allowed to socialize with a grown man. I love the Smith’s but they need some parenting 101 and where is Jada’s mother, can’t she step in? This girl is living way to grown.

  15. Kenya on said:

    Why is anyone surprised by Jada’s reaction? When Jada was out whipping her head back & forth @ ten years old. Everyone thought it was cute. I saw it as being VERY inappropriate!! I saw the beginnings of terrible parenting back then. To have a young kid thrust into the music business and no one was around to protect her innocence….an incredibly slippery slope! Especially when that kid didn’t need the $$$. Will & Jada have pimped their babies out for a very long time. This is JUST the beginning. Can we all say Miley Cyrus???

    • Katren Moss on said:

      I agree Kenya, Why is everyone surprised? This is what happens when parents want to be their children friends; which is fine but as parents we need to set bounderies because our children are not our equals. True, we do not know the situation but most of us know that is inappropriate for a 13 year old to be laying in a bed with any boy/man. Someone posted that it is innocent enough because kids hang out all the time at others houses…another truth but we had other friends around and first, he is 20 (statutory rape) and 2nd why the hell he has his shirt off, 3rd who was supervising this Child and thought it was OK??? I am truley dissappointed in Will and Jada.

  16. jhuf on said:

    Wasn’t there an artical on this site about a man being sentenced for having sex…oh excuse me RAPING 14 year old? I guess he though that was OK too

    • Joey on said:

      @ Debra I thought the same thing? so why did they post the picture looks like they had already did the dang thang!!,,

  17. Beth on said:

    Jada needs parenting advice like really bad! She is a fool “it’s nothing sexual about it”. That child is 13 and has no business with being involved with boys like that, let alone a young man! I hope the Child Services gets involved because it’s something wrong with that family!

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