apollo nida

It looks like Apollo Nida may be a rat! According to sources, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star made a deal with the feds to act in an “undercover investigative capacity.”

TMZ reports that he agreed to let law enforcement officials record his conversations with other criminal suspects. There’s only one problem: the terms of the plea deal are now available to the public.

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As we reported yesterday, Phaedra’s hubby pled guilty to mail, wire and bank fraud charges in the Georgia District Court. “I take full responsibility for my actions,” he told the judge. “It was a dumb situation I put myself in.” After leaving the courtroom, he said that he’s prepared for the hail storm of negative comments sure to come his way. “TALK SH*T PEOPLE!! I’M EXPECTING ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS,” he tweeted.

Of course, his “RHOA’ co-star and messy fremeny Kenya Moore had a mouthful to say on Twitter. “God is so good,” she wrote. “He exposes your enemies for you. All you have to do is trust and believe only in him. Stay strong and let him work. #justice.”

“You can have a criminal past and not have a criminal mind,” the former beauty queen added. “They can be rehabilitated. All ex-cons are not current criminals. To be crystal.”

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Check out this hilarious pic of Apollo from our friends over at TMZ, below.


Apollo’s Arrest Is Messing Up Phaedra’s Checks!

Apollo Nida Pleads For Judge To Postpone His Bank Fraud/ID Theft Hearing

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26 thoughts on “Apollo Agrees To Go Undercover For The Feds…Also Known As Snitching

  1. Phia on said:

    Who believes this? whomever wrote this article is trying to get some type of recognition. We no longer think that its snitching or rat behavior to point the authorities in the direction of people who are commiting CRIMES….STOP IT!

  2. vincent on said:

    What a dirt bag. And I used to like Phaedra, but she is guilty too as far as I’m concerned. I don’t believe she knew absolutely nothing of what he was doing. Stealing from poor and elderly people who forget or don’t know they have tax refunds coming? Very low.

  3. Lola on said:

    Why would he want to make this public information? Don’t you think anyone who recognizes him will know who it is?

  4. It’s sad that Apollo is putting his liie and his family life in dangers. Unfortunately snitches get stitches. I will continue to pray for their safety.

  5. Gayle on said:

    Isn’t time for us to stop perpetuating the idiotic concept that is cool not to help authorities apprehend criminals. Snitch is a stupid idea left over from gangster days that feeds into the concept that we as citizens should help criminals. We as Black leaders need to lead the charge in applauding individuals who are willing to step up, place thier lives on the line and speak up to stop criminals/cowards from abusing us and the legal system. if you are wrong, you are wrong. Stop hiding and stop encouraging others to cover for you.

  6. Tanya p on said:

    They are dead wrong calling Apollo a snitch! ! Aren’t we trying to get the black community away from the stop snitching/rat stigma? How many murders/criminals are free because “snitches get stitches”?? So Stop! & didn’t Apollo get “snitched” on? Apollo has to do what he has to do if this is true! I wish his family the best.#TeamPheadra!

  7. You mean too pretty to go back to jail…he knew what the hell he was doing. He just didn’t think anyone would rat his a** out to get lessor time. Looks like he’s doing the same…umm hope its not his brother!

  8. Shirlee on said:

    Not believing a word of this sh@t. That does not happen….geish Feds don’t work this way…who the hello writes these stupid articles. More drama from the jailbird.

  9. Taytay12345 on said:

    Good. Finally a black, well half, person that will tell. All black people need to tell on other blacks to sweep up the black criminals that target other blacks and kill other blacks. There should be a “Black Snitch Day” to get rid of that black violent, criminal element that makes its dangerous for other blacks to live around each other. When blacks know they will be told on by each other the black on black violence will decrease and less blacks will be murdered. You cant protect criminals and then get mad if other races dont want to be around you. Its called common sense. The Bible says to have nothing to do with an angry man…And then call it unfair to have all white juries.. this black no snitching is why. BLACK VIOLENCE IS RACIST!!!!

  10. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Mortuary Science/Funeral Director Degree is a two year degree= an Associates Degree. You can get those online which is probably what she did but had to take the oral exam. Clearly Phakedra is good at taking test/exams and passing them, her parents raised her to be a book worm, she knows how to apply herself, buckle down and pass the tests but she’s not very bright outside of that. Sharee fired her and demanded a refund because she misrepresented her, didn’t know how to file a simple motion which happens to be Law 101/common sense. Listen to her speak her vocabulary and sentence structure is botched but I guess in Hotlanta it sounds very intelligent to many of her stripper clients.

    • Tracey Ratchford on said:

      Phaedra is an entertainment lawyer and professional athletes. Sharee didn’t pay her enough money she thought Phaedra should have done it for less. Not all attorneys know EVERY legal procedure. She studied a specific law. Sharee was in family court.

    • Taytay12345 on said:

      @ Camella, so what if it is an Associates Degree, at least she got one. Most dumb negroes wont learn to read and write correctly let alone spend 2 years learning something new to make a living but sit around instead watching the next black that did study to rob them while they go to work. The black kids that sat in the same class as other races and learned consonants and vowel sounds as a class, still choose to mispronounce their words and have the nerve to expect a corporate job and to drive a Benz. Go back to school fool. Yes this no snitching is racist and it kills other blacks and its one basis for racism. Many blacks that have worked and took the time to study anything dont want to be around that element for the same reason that whites dont. Blacks still running down new neighborhoods with these evil, criminal ways and other blacks look away. I wont live or go around all black nothing because of no snitching and black criminal support. Even Africans dont want to hang around American blacks, they say many are like wild animals and its true.

  11. Camella Jenkins on said:

    He’s a career criminal and Phakedra is full of it and somewhat of an educated fool! I say somewhat because her field of studies and career interests are rather strange i.e., entertainment law, mortuary science/funeral home director, and what ever else her side hustles may be which may also be strange and rather odd, something pertaining to body parts.

  12. Camella Jenkins on said:

    It’s not SNITCHING it’s called PLEA BARGINING in order to reduce the amount of years he will spend in prison. DUH!

  13. lillian jackson on said:

    Don’t drop the soap, an snitching he wasn’t taught or got back handed about telling all the dam time

  14. April on said:

    If this is true who would tell him anything or do anything around him knowing he works for the FEDs who would be so stupid, is he going to be undercover in disguise because people know his face. I don’t believe this story.

  15. Nana on said:

    Why is he being called a snitch and a rat. We need to erase these terms from our communities. He’s not doing any that has not been done for years by other white collar criminals. It’s just that rarely are people of color offered this opportunity.

  16. Racine on said:

    Okay lets get real Black Folk, we need to stop with this “Snitching” crap, bottom line, if he doesn’t want to go to jail again and he has two gorgeous children as well as a fabulously intelligent wife. I am a heart transplant recipient and GOD gave me a new chance at life so I am telling on errrrybody! I’s free and will remain that way. We need to stop this stinking thinking that going to jail and having a record and being a statistic is better than being free….Our ancester’s would be shamed to know of all the opportunities we as Black people have today and are wasting education, not working, selling drugs, etc…..for shame Black America Web for that picture and the headline.

    • jeweltobe on said:

      I’m with you all the way. Some of the things that go on in the black community could be eliminated if only people would speak up. As for Apollo, if that’s the only way to get his partners in crime then I say “speak up” and rid our community of all the rascals. The 9/11 saying, “see something, say something” should be used in the black community to help clean it up of all the human trash that is destructive. A criminal mind that hurts a bank today can next week ,next month or next year, hurt you, your family and friends.

  17. Beverly on said:

    I’m not against “John Q Public” reporting details of a crime, but if YOU commited the crime with another individual and “report” on your partner to save your own skin, you should have to do double the time they’ll have to do.

  18. Camella Jenkins on said:

    You mean go back to prison and looks don’t have anything to do with it. I’m sure wifey Phakedra told him to take to plea bargan to reduce his sentence. He and Phakedra probably think he’s going to have a penthouse style federal correction facility with congical visits. He’s an arrogant little dwarf and wifey is a desperate woman…

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