Comic Paul Mooney – who prides himself on making audiences uncomfortable and is no stranger to using the N-word – did both during a taping of “The Arsenio Hall Show” Monday night in what one person tweeted as “the most embarrassing, disrespectful standup bombing ever.”

According to TMZ, Mooney was booked to do a short standup bit on the late night show, but rambled on for more than 14 minutes in a routine that touched on everything from “Roots” to President Obama to his admiration of an audience member’s giant breasts

TMZ reports:

But things really went off the rails when Mooney turned his attention to a black guy in the audience who he called a “bald-headed n**ga.”

One person who was there tells us … the crowd was stunned — and sat in awkward silence as Mooney tried to transition into different material.

We’re told it appeared producers were scrambling to cut him off and end the segment — but Paul ignored the cues and kept going until a crew member used the P.A. system to interrupt him … and a staff member went on stage to tell him to wrap it up.

One audience member tweeted about the scene — saying, “OMG! I just witnessed THE MOST EMBARASSING, Disrespectful “standup” BOMBING ever by Paul Mooney @arseniohall I wanted to walk out!”

Eventually, Arsenio jumped in and helped end the segment in a respectful manner.

Above is the edited version that aired, just shy of four minutes.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)


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7 thoughts on “Paul Mooney Hurls N-Word During Rambling ‘Arsenio’ Set; Audience Offended

  1. Joy on said:

    This is nothing new for Mooney. Older people are familiar with his type of humor, and are more likely to relate. On the other hand….if the truth be told……most young people don’t even know who he is. As for (some) people on TMZ’s blog saying he should be fined, and banned for life….really….seriously?? Banned from what? Mooney is very very seldom seen on anything these days. As for a fine….that suggestion is ridiculous!

  2. Lecia m on said:

    I don’t give a damn what they say about Paul Mooney he be straight telling like it is. Some folks need to here the truth.

  3. Babyboome on said:

    What the hell was Arsenio thinking. Paul Mooney has been loosing his mind for years. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen him go off like this. Why would anyone put a mike in his hand anymore. Sad, really sad.

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