“Love and Hip Hop ATL” star Ariane Davis finally revealed photos of her girlfriend, Toni.

See more pictures below:





(Photo Source: Instagram)

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6 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop’s Ariane Davis Reveals Girlfriend!

  1. Good is watching but who makes you the judge since you do holyfied. GOD said don’t judge because he is the final judge. She’s her own woman and I sure she could give 1million ducks about what you think of her and her boo

    • danya gregory on said:

      Yes, God is watching and you have not heard him say anything have you? or do you have his direct line. God loves all his children and it is people like you that make it hard for other people to be themselves. What if she were your daughter or son, would you feel the same way and condemn them in the name of your Lord or would you be forgiving and just be happy for them.

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