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These days, not only does everyone seem to have an opinion, a reason to take offense to just about anything, but they also have social media where they can go on, and mostly anonymously, b**** and moan about everything!!

Everything including Leslie Jones‘ performance on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend where she joked about a slave draft.

“I’m just saying I’d be the number one slave draft pick all of the plantations would want me I’d be on television like Lebron announcing which plantation I was going to go to I’d be like I’d like to take my talents to South Carolina.”

Here’s the thing, for almost all of last year people were on a tear, complaining about diversity, asking where the sisters on SNL are?

Now that there are some black women on the show you complain about her material.

SNL has always been controversial, especially when it comes to race issues.

In the 1970’s SNL brilliantly used the n-word in a sketch with Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase.

Hell, in living color had Wanda.

Martin Lawrence had Shanaynay.

Neither character was flattering to black women, but we laughed.

Leslie Jones responded on twitter by saying that she couldn’t believe that she had to explain and defend herself to of all people, black people.

She went on to say that black people were too sensitive sometimes.

In this case, she’s right.

Here’s my advice.

Leave the woman alone.

Give her the freedom the rest of the cast has.

Give her the freedom to grow, to learn, to make mistakes.

She shouldn’t have to carry the collective burden of all black people on her shoulders.

She’s a comedian not a civil rights worker.

Leslie Jones, ignore the haters.

The loudest voices on twitter aren’t necessarily the majority.

Do your thang.

Kick ass and take names.

And for all you haters who are complaining, consider this, if she had told that joke in a comedy club on a Friday or Saturday night you would have been rolling on the floor and high fiving each other.

So, isn’t that what Jones is supposed to do, take what she learned in the clubs – a smaller platform, bring it to a wider audience, increase her reach and influence to make them laugh, to make them think?

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32 thoughts on “DON LEMON: ‘Leslie Jones, Ignore The Haters’

  1. Mary Ann on said:

    Don’s is right we are very sensitive when it comes to certain race topics. And this is true, in the NBA & NFL draft picks are like slavery auctions to a certain degree. Prodominantly black males are picked to work for these mostly all white old men. The thing that I dislike was the joke about rape. Yes black women were raped by their white male slave owners and that’s (RAPE) NOT a laughing matter.

  2. VirilisAfricanum on said:

    Very interesting topic and discussion. Many great positions across the spectrum of this issue. If nothing else, Mr. Lemon has brought out some of the best posts I’ve seen on BAW in quite a while (as well as some frequent commentators). I haven’t seen the video (I will after I post this), but I’m enjoying the intellectual discourse.

  3. Traboe on said:

    Idk what alternate reality you all have been living in but black comedians have been making light of slavery, civil rights etc. for almost as long as there have been black comedians. No wonder no one takes the AA community seriously anymore; we choose to fight these petty battles while ignoring/staying silent on real issues. I think as a whole our community has become one big joke smh

  4. Tammy on said:

    I do not find anything funny about slavery no more than Jews would find anything funny about Hilter. WHy do people think blacks should except anything and be called too sensitive when we do not like our history mocked. I can trace my slave family members here in GA and I will NEVER disgrace there life with mess like this. I can laugh at many things but some things I can not laugh at. It is just like at the Oscars. It seems like the only time a black person can win an oscar is when they are acting like a bufoon, a footstool for a white person in a slave part/maid/driver/etc, or music only.

    • And yet, black people support the people who play these roles wholeheartedly, and then get mad and want to protest when they don’t win awards for playing the buffoon, footstool, or maid.

  5. deebee on said:

    very distasteful.-I found it offensive nothing funny or amusing about our slave history, and to make light of it under any circumstances is just plain WRONG! there are enuf other topics she can choose to joke about.

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  7. americanize. on said:

    I thought it was funny,keep it real even though it was a joke.Thats what white folk did to the African Slave. Do ur thing Big Les.

  8. Aaron on said:

    Im convinced that 80% of the poster’s on this site are paid antagonist. For some reason Black entertainment is getting more and more reflective of the days of step and fetch it, when our artist were forced to make mockery of themselves to be accepted. Rap music, reality tv and comedians such as this woman are completely shaming themselves and really need to question why are these the only images of Black people that are being promoted.

    • Because these are the only images that get noticed. If you’re not half naked, simulating being f**ked, singing about being ejaculated on, or sitting on stage with your legs spread far enough apart that the audience can stare right into the eye of the beast, you don’t stay relevant. It’s all about shock value these days. And that’s in all arenas of entertainment. Except for the ones where real talent exist, and they are few and far between. Everybody wants their 15 minutes, and when they get it, they’ll do anything to hold on to it. I read a headline about a woman who filmed her abortion and posted it online just to prove that “it’s not at all scary”. True story. By this time tomorrow, she will be an internet sensation. We as a society have sunk so far down into depravity, that I don’t know if we’ll ever come up again. It’s all about shock value. Real talent is almost obsolete.

  9. Get A Clue on said:

    Would there be this much support of a Jewish comedienne making light of the Holocaust on NBC?
    Once you start giving out passes on this type of behavior it spreads into the mainstream media as acceptable.

    • Korbel on said:

      Excellent point! I don’t recall ever seeing a jewish comic carrying on like that about the holocaust. On the whipped backs of our slave ancestors, we have come a long way. We now have the luxury of earning a good living as we self-deprecate our inglorious past. Some of us can even earn a living by belittling those of us who refuse to see the humor. Yes, we “has” arrived.

  10. Both sides have a point, but we as African Americans have a slave mentality and selected defense. Don is a joke, not because of his statement here, but just because. Taking his comments serious on any topic isn’t a wise thing. He has his own issues, and any to deflect from them I’m sure like many in the media who are black will do. They just trying to get there’s and that is what people with slave mentality does. It should be expected by now, stop expecting anything from African Americans in the media, because any true stand with render them jobless.

  11. Tony on said:

    So let’s see. She joked that she’s a 6 foot tall single woman who in slavery days would have been used as breeding stock. So is her statement incorrect? If her statement offends you, why? Is it because the black community has been trying to assimilate into the white community for the last 150 years and the likes of Donald Sterling still won’t accept you? I wonder how many of you folks are ‘upset’ with her joke, but will take the time to listen to the misogynistic lyrics of some of these rappers and think nothing of what they’re saying.

  12. Honestly on said:

    You cave n!@@ers are full of sh!t and she is a mindless fool. Their is nothing remotely funny about the greatest atrocity in history. Had this disgrace of a person made fun of 911, Boston marathon bombing or the holocaust you neanderthal apes would have strung her up. The depraved indifference to our ancestors and the humanity of African people through out the world is incomprehensible. Lets joke about driving you savages back into the caves of Europe and incinerating you and calling it a marshmallow roast, I bet that wouldn’t be received as comedy.

  13. real on said:

    Curious that Don Lemon who is super-sensitive regarding gay issues finds it ok to mock slavery and the raping of black women during plantation days. Such hypocrisy!
    Would Don Lemon defend a comedian who made jokes about the holocaust? Of course not, because he would be out of a job.

  14. Aaron on said:

    Wow bring back Tavis Smiley because Don Lemon clearly does not identify with the majority of Black people. If her skit was about all gay men having aids he would be completely outraged, but he finds it perfectly acceptable to mock the worst crime in human history this website has completely lost all credibility.

  15. Don, Don, Don, it has nothing to do with hating her….she’s just NOT funny! Her delivery is AWFUL! and she looks that way too which makes it even worse. Women just can’t pull this off (and I’m a woman). I’m sorry but Kevin Hart could have pulled this off. Jones just looked unattractive and ignorant! NOT Funny!

  16. I don’t find anything about slavery amusing Don. What are we going to see next?? Our people poking fun at the 300 Nigerian students being sold into slavery?? How long have you known about this situation?? This happened weeks ago. Let’s talk about that for a minute. Why didn’t you stand up and speak for those missing girls instead of this bullshit?? I’ll wait….

  17. Charles Rogers on said:

    Don Lemon: Totally ignorant of the fact that her point was actually 100% valid… “she’s a comedian not a civil rights worker” and “give her the freedom to grow, to learn, to make mistakes” imply that she was wrong…

    Don, if tweeters doesn’t represent the opinions of the general public… who does? CNN? You? LOL

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