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rihanna red lip

When it comes to Rihanna and her nudity, Instagram is playing no games.

According to sources, the photo-sharing app threatened to shut down RiRi’s account after she posted topless snaps from her recent photo shoot with Lui magazine. The pics, which violated IG’s rules against nudity, were removed within an hour of posting.

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“Our Instagram sources tell us Rihanna got an email that basically warned her … keep your clothes on or risk having your account permanently shut down,” TMZ reports.

But, in typical RiRi fashion, the threat didn’t phase her at all. The Bajan beauty simply headed to Twitter to share the banned shots of her exposed breasts. She also took to Instagram to poke a little fun at the whole situation and posted a few memes.

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What can we say? She follows her own rules, always did and always will. 


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Instagram Sends Rihanna A Warning: Cover Up Or We’re Deleting Your Account! was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

2 thoughts on “Instagram Sends Rihanna A Warning: Cover Up Or We’re Deleting Your Account!

  1. This is “much ado about nothing”. If Rihanna wants to show her naked bits, that’s fine. If instagram wants to delete her account, that’s fine. They have rules about nudity and have every right to remove her account if she violates those rules. Truth be told, Rihanna could probably care less; her name is in the news and it will probably increase her records sales and gives her some notoriety in some people’s eyes. Either way, we’re talking about her.

  2. I got love for you Ri, but we are all tired of seeing your naked ass. We have seen it to many times already. Come with some new. Even Instagram is tired of that mess.

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