Donald Sterling, the embattled owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has been banned from the NBA after an audio recording was released of him making racist comments about African-Americans.

Now we want to HEAR FROM YOU! What do you think of the Donald Sterling situation? Do you think the ban is a sufficient punishment? Have the Clippers responded accordingly? Has the black community responded enough?

Sound off in the comment section below!


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24 thoughts on “Donald Sterling is Banned from the NBA- What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. candyapple on said:

    Yes black people, we want you to focus on this guy instead of unemployment numbers, abortion rates, drop out rates and poverty levels…. oh, and take a sip of kool aid and remember, we have a black president, y’all.

    • Yes we have a president who is African American AND one who is being circumvented at every legislative opportunity in trying to accomplish something. He is going through the same sit every ‘first African American’ has gone through-think about it!

  2. on said:

    Yes you are entitled to freedom of speech, but be careful who may be listening. He admitted it was him and so he was dealt with in the correct manner. at least he didn’t say, oh i didn’t mean it like that!! so he truly is a racist and i guess proud of it. now hopefully somebody who will aprreciate having a great team and will respect them will buy the team odd his old “yes i am a racist ass”, and treat them the respect they deserve. these were his “employees”, they make him money and this is how he feels about them for shame…..just sad…..#begoneoldfool #holdyahheadupteam #letthisbealesson, hegonnalearntoday!!!!

  3. Well, well The slaves are now complaining about their Massa well you knew he was like this just like the rest of the jews that owned you just Shut the Fuck up you were too stupid to get your own league so that’s what you get. He still wins Oh! and why the so call Black leaders not addressing the mistreatment of Africans by Israel that was on that tape as well. Oh! my bad the jews own you, so you cannot speak about those issues.

  4. As far as the privacy issue. I don’t know why people are so concerned about this man’s privacy! Hey Not many things are finite! ‘Freedom is not free’|we don’t really own our homes-don’t pay taxes and you know what happens| and you can’t say what you want-like fire in a mall or movie ect.
    Who cares-if his rights are trampled-if the lames in our community that shoot up people knew their rights were gonna be suspended maybe they’d think twice before just shooting up the place. JMO

  5. Its not enough!! If there are several owners that feel the way this LAME did-and refuse to vote the family out-we all know-there is PLENTY of money out there that could develop a new league in a hurry. And this from African Americans and progressive whites. Because every game these brothas play puts money in his pocket!

  6. First off this man was on suppose to be on a private phone call with a friend or so he thought. Everyone has been on a phone call with a friend and have said things that are racist,discrimatory, or offensive about something or someone. Second, Everybody do not have to like everybody. We all have different up bringings, morals, and walks of life. Everybody is not going to feel the same way about race, gender, gays, religions, etc. He has a right to his opinon just like everyone else. Now, by no mean am I saying his comments were not disgusting and offensive. What I am saying is we all have made similar remarks or stereotyped. The only difference is we are not bilionaires. It would be different if he was being repremanded for mistreating his players, or making these comments in a public open forum. But a personal phone call?

  7. Ginny Kane on said:

    How much money did Sterling donated to the NAACP? Why was the NAACP giving Sterling an award ? An award for being a man of hate. Has the NAACP been brought off for a few hundred dollars? Who will hold the NAACP accountable for making a irresponsible choice to give an award to a racist. NAACP needs to revisit the history of America. One thing about Malcolm X no white man could buy or sell him. I can not say that about some in the NAACP. If it was not money than what?

    • Trenniece on said:

      I totally agree with you Ginny. People are not addressing the issue with the NAACP. How could an organization honor a man with a HISTORY of discrimination. Not only that but honor him TWICE. This issue won’t be brought up because it means that we are addressing the fact that the NAACP can be bought and is irrevelant. The NAACP should be less concerned about honoring people who PAY them but more concerned about the high school graduation rates of black youth, black on black crime and the mortgage crisis faced by many blacks.

  8. R. Willie on said:

    I knew it was wrong for what he said, but felt it was in private…then I said what would happened to another person in private saying that they will blow up the post office in their neighborhood? Exactly!!!! So the decision was correct.

  9. Afua Stingley on said:

    My mom always told me that these sports entities were “modernized slavery”..Now heres the slavemaster being exposed..she told me the players are bought, sold, traded..tied to they dont like what “masta” has said (he give them money to eat, buy houses and cars..smh) guess what..oh well..i’ve had to encounter plenty of racism on the job and in school..I dealt with it..why should this be any different? Noone ever said life was fair..but I’m not in the NBA aka modernized slavery..I can quit my job tomorrow and I won’t be sued(the slavemaster’s new whip) for not fulfilling my contract. And the slavemaster is still going to win…its his team to sell so Im sure his selling price will be inflated and will contain the fine fees. He still wins plus being banned at 80 yrs old..doubt he cares..Get over it and move on like the rest of us.

  10. Why is it more of an outrage when they speak, harm or kill than we (WE) do the same thing to 1 another..ijs. Please DON’T get it twisted I don’t endorse the actions of this man, but to the family we must have the same call 2 action when WE are the guilty party. I’m sick and tired or being sick and tired.

  11. Martin on said:

    I believe it is a good move because he was making money with the Clippers. Now let Magic Johnson buy them the ultimate insult to him.

  12. Desaray Wilson on said:

    I think the NAACP Los Angles Chapter should be responsible for paying the $2.5 million dollar fine levied against Mr. Donald Sterling,not only did you reward this well know racist gentleman with one lifetime achievment award but the arrangements and preparations to award him with a second lifetime achievment award was already approved and underway. Which brings me to the conclusion that it’s ok to be a quiet racist as long as you’re writing checks, it’s ok to use the N word as long as your bank account can afford to fund our programs, I thought that this organization was for the “ADVANCEMENT ” of colored people? Turns out you’re only advancing yourselves at the expense of our people…….

    • Martin on said:

      Many times those who are supposed to be the watchdogs of our people are bought out. We have people and organizations that think it is enough for these types of people to pay some money to us and that’s it. The NAACP is supposed to be about equality/equity not paying a penance. For this man to receive this from the NAACP is an insult to the award and a blight to others who have been given the distinction. Although it does indeed show the mindset of society. Look how they treat the President of The USA simply because he is a black man. So blacks are always considered second class citizens in this Country, even in this day and time.

  13. shakeva on said:

    At least they did something and not sweep it under the carpet like everything else! Onto the next racist fool I guess.

  14. JayLoft Hoogarboogar on said:

    According to what I’ve read about his “derogatory” comments, I think that it’s no worse than how we, as African-Americans have internalized the “n” word. In addition, Mr. Sterling’s comment may have been fabricated and fixed. Unless they’ve used the latest voice matching software to confirm that it was indeed his voice, no one can be for sure who it was that made the comments. Either way the man simply made known his desires and or preferences. It is because he’s a man weilding so much power due to his riches that we seek to punish him. If he was an unknown and broke, no one would care what he said. No one would’ve recorded it. Why did his so-called woman record him anyway? She’s trying to get paid on the back end. Plain and simple. Next time, Mr. Sterling needs to be a little more careful about the company he chooses to keep. You’d think the guy would’ve learned this at his age, huh?

    • S Wood on said:

      Let me get straight to the point Jay, he confessed that the voice is actually his. This was reported at the 2 p.m. pressed conference of the commissioner today. Second, this man has a past record of discrimination in housing against minorities that has him losing to the U.S. Justice Department in several occasions. So, don’t defend this worthless old codger who continues to practice 20th century racism. It sounds as tho you are defending this idiot.

      • JayLoft Hoogarboogar on said:

        All I know is this…in this country we as African-Americans should be used to all of the slang words used to describe ourselves, whether the language is positive or negative. We’ve done this to ourselves and now we feel that it’s not okay for the modern day “massas” to do so. I saw this post on FB with a pic of Dr. King and other Civil Rights Activist, dressed in their “civil rights” suits and ties. The tag for this pic was: “When they used to respect us…” Then, there’s another pic of modern young black men…shirtless with their pants saggin’ and underwear exposed above their waistlines. The tag for this pic says “…the reason why they don’t anymore.” That made all the sense in the world to me. If we don’t respect ourselves and teach our young to do the same, how can we expect other cultures to respect us?

  15. It was the right decision, racism has to become a thing of our past in america, rather in sport, goverment, educatoin or housing, it has to stop.notvsure if he was setup or not, but he said what he said and should and has been held accountable.glad these guys made such a stand to protect the sport they love.

  16. Deborah A Noblin on said:

    Now the owners need to do the right thing!
    And somebody needs to have a conversation with the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP.
    Do they know how to use Google!

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