After allegations that  L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, made racist remarks about Blacks in an audio obtained by TMZ, everyone from Twitter to NBA players to sports announcers and fans wondered exactly how the players would respond, especially as they were in the middle of a playoff series with the Golden State Warriors.

Head coach Doc Rivers said that after a team meeting everyone was upset, but that they would play the game regardless, though the sentiment on social media was that the players should boycott the game.

Instead, the team, including Chris Paul, who is also the NBA Players Association president, staged a silent protest removing their shooting shirts, and warming up with their practice jerseys inside out. The players also wore black armbands and black socks in a protest reminiscent of the famous Black Power salute made by track stars John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City.

Sterling, after talking with the NBA, did not attend the game. His wife, Rochelle Sterling did, but denounced the comments made by her husband.

“I don’t condone those statements and I don’t believe in them,” Rochelle Sterling told ESPN. “I’m not a racist. Never have been, never will be. The team is the most important thing to my family.”

Despite the silent protest, the Clippers lost to the Warriors 118-97, evening the series at 2-2.

President Obama weighed in on the controversy, as did Miami Heat player LeBron James, who said an owner like Sterling doesn’t belong in the league.

Citing everyone in the league’s right to due process, new NBA commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference but says he is not prepared to discuss any sanctions against Sterling until further investigation.

The NBA is investigating the audio, obtained by TMZ, in which a man purported to be Sterling makes racist remarks while speaking to his girlfriend. An extended version of the audio can be heard here. 

In the original recording, Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano, who is being sued by Sterling’s wife, discuss her Instagram photo with former NBA great Magic Johnson, now deleted. Sterling tells her he doesn’t want Stiviano, who is herself half-Mexican and half-Black, that he doesn’t want her taking pictures with Black people on Instagram and that he doesn’t want her bringing Black people to any Clippers games.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass said in a statement Saturday that the league is in the process of authenticating the validity of the recording posted on TMZ’s website. Bass called the comments “disturbing and offensive.” Stiviano’s lawyer has released a statement to the media validating the accuracy of the tapes, but Stiviano denies leaking the tape to TMZ.

In the recording posted on TMZ, the man questions his girlfriend’s association with minorities. The AP couldn’t immediately independently verify it was Sterling’s voice on the recording.

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72 thoughts on “Clippers Owner Accused Of Racist Recording, Team Responds With Silent Protest, Responses from President Obama, Michael Jordan [UPDATE]

  1. jayhowell on said:

    Kudos goes out to the entire Los Angeles Clippers roster for handling this controversy in professional manner. If your owner wants to be a bigot that his own decision let him deprive in his ignorance. Professional players in the league should look at a prominent franchise like Charlotte Bobcats were owner like Bob Johnson/Michael Jordan can compete on same level as the rest of these NBA owners.

  2. americanize. on said:

    Not surprise,that a billionare is a white supremist,they don,t wear hoods all the time.They wear suits,ties black robes,blue uniforms. their in all walks of life. They just have to DIE.Whats up with the naacp they owe the black community a response.

  3. Its time for a sick day or two now AA players! Tell em your therapist forbids you to play under such circumstance. PERIOD!

  4. Since this LAME is so much into color-the NBA should fine him 500 MILLION of his FAVORITE color.
    THAT should get his attention-since they may not be able to take his franchise away.AND THAN no player of color should EVER play for him again.

  5. C.A.A on said:

    There are others who have not been “exposed” to this “MASON DIXIE” attitude towards us. We are a strong and bless people with all “TALENTS” WHICH OTHERS TRY TO DICTATE OR COPY…Not to mention try to take away. Old crows like this come from a long line of hatred, and white sheets over there heads. People recognize it’s still there. Like Malcolm X said they come with smiles and all.

  6. Donald Sterling also exposes the corruption within the NAACP. Why would they honor this racist thug with a Life Time Award? Maybe its time to get rid of the NAACP.

  7. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    What?? You brothers marry white women, so why are you so concerned about whtat this white man says? He has bought and paid for your black ass. So shut up and play. I’m pissed as well, but you
    have not made this any better. You can do something about it, just think.

    • Tammy on said:

      I agree. And lets not forget the blacks (mostly black men) who want to say “black women are no good”, “black women are this and that” (this includes black women who made stupid comments about black men), YET when a white man say the same thing about all blacks including black men, these same blacks who degraded their OWN RACE of people want to get up mad. I ask the question “are they upset over what was said when you pretty much say the same thing” or Are these black folks (black men) upset to know this white man does NOT want you in his home or around his daughter”?

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Black people that were raped 400 years ago?????? Are you F______ kidding me????? Get over it and get on with your life, for the love of GOD my friend, it’s 2014

  8. Michael Jordan should have kept his mouth shut! He cannot say anything about Sterling when he is of the same opinion about Black People!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Gail, That is a very Dumb and Stupid comment to make! You have Never heard Michael Jordan say anything close to that racist rant of don sterling. STOP making cruel and unjustified comments and LIES about people who have never behaved that way!

      • You ‘re just as pathetic as MJ, John Legend, Derek Luke and all the rest suffering with Slave Mentality!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        And Gail, you’re just as inner city as all of those insufferable ghetto RHOA females! Good luck in life my friend!

      • I said it. on said:

        It would do your heart good if you could wake up as an African American woman. It wasn’t in God’s plan. If you are going to be mad direct it to him and not AA women. You are so laughable

  9. Yahoo sports is reporting that Magic and his group are seriously interested in buying the team and I’m 100% for it. Please just get that LAME outta there!
    Sell the team dude SELL THE TEAM!

  10. Ive read he cant be removed only fined.or suspended.laws or rules put in place to protect white ownership.there is always away for white folks to get out of shit in this country, it has always been.if he was a black owner he loses everything, and a be riding around in an old car with one headlight, hes gonna move on, he has billions and just laugh off the matter, he want apolojise its not in his like him are the teachers of this new generation of racist that have been forming in the america.this stuff is taught to kids and grankids.he don’t give those men anything they earn there money.and it is in every aspect of our lives, sports arenas, goverment offices, and so on.all of our agencies and leaders that suppose to be helping us are all sold out.

  11. Marion on said:

    This particular situation IS NOT about racism…if anything it is about the focus required to achieve a higher class level. A billionaire was trying to teach someone how to maintain focus at being around the billionaire level. Not much different than when an A student tutors someone who wants to get A’s and informs the person to limit their interactions with non-A students, so as to distance themselves from the distractions that cause the lack of achieving the highest grade possible. It requires strong focus and those who haven’t achieved/maintained such focus are to be interacted with on a limited basis as a result. Jesus Christ taught such a method (Matthew 19:29) and many in the World (Military/Business/Education) attempt the same.

    • The Kingdom Perspective – In the World, at the Billionaire level, there is currently only ONE African-American/Black Billionaire: Oprah Winfrey. If you look at Billionaires as Masters/teacher, then everyone below Billionaire is viewed as slave/student. Millionaires can be viewed as House slaves, who serve to influence non-Millionaires (field slaves). Being raised to the Billionaire/Master level requires a different focus than that of the slave/student level. It is not racist to say that someone in Billionaire training should not fraternize with Millionaires, even high level Millionaires, because at the moment, there are no African-American male Billionaires. This applies to non-Billionaire Caucasian Americans also.

      • Marion on said:

        *This World-based situation specifically mentions ‘Black’ people, but applies across all ‘races’ regarding elevation to Master level.

    • Did Jesus use race as the example? It’s amazing how the most bigoted always try and bring Jesus, God, the bible, etc., into a conversation in order to justify racial hatred. You must be one of those paranoid, deluded, tea party freaks.

      • Marion on said:

        Technically, Jesus Christ told his followers to ‘Beware the Yeast of the Pharisees’…a highly respected group of people at the time who could be considered House Slaves, since they still were subservient to the rulers of the time. Furthermore, He denied his own mother and brothers from ‘hanging’ with him because they weren’t practicing what he was practicing. And finally, Matthew 19:29 makes no mention of race, only distancing onesself from everyone who is not practicing to achieve similar goals (just as a parent does to a child who is hanging around kids who are getting bad grades).

    • Marion what the H are you talking about? Do you seriously think that this man’s alleged comments were to educate her about how to be around super wealthy people? Magic is reportedly worth 500 Million… why wouldn’t he want her to be around Magic? Your comments are ludicrous!! And KEEP RELIGION OUT OF THIS. It has nothing to do with this

      • Billionaire = Master/Teacher; Millionaire = House Slave/Student; non-Millionaire = Field Slave/Student. She was instructed how to transition to become a teacher and she chose/was led to not comply with the requirements.

      • My interpretation/understanding of The Bible/World activities because I have received direct information from The Father in Heaven concerning such things because I was led to Seek FIRST The Kingdom of God, and I found it. In being allowed to find it, I recognize the similarities between the Master/slave relationships in the World and Master/slave relationships in The Kingdom of Heaven.

    • Marion the fact that you think that comments of this sort wouldn’t be about DEEP SEEDED RACISM is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!!

  12. clariol on said:

    i agree with Amber, it’s on the job, neighborhood, my supervisor even threw shade at me trying to impress her Boss..WHITES FEEL THAT ABOUT BLACKS ALL OUR LIVES… But our BLK men do it all the time, gettn WHITE women, because they can’t deal with our blk skin beauties wanting something better or get them in a better position in life..I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic..I just sayn

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Clariol, The reason why a lot of black men choose other women from other races, is because of women like you. Who can’t even hold an intelligent thought in her head and knows how to express it properly! There are Black Men such as myself who WILL NOT spend their entire lives dealing with race and always, everyday dealing with a dialogue about how ‘the man’ is keeping us down!!!! There is no way in HELL am I going to have a spouse who brings up this S___ everyday. If you want to live your lifer this way that’s your choice, but I’m sure more men of color have much more positive things to focus on. Therefore choosing a spouse of a different RACE is Imperative!!!!!

      • Black Men choose Women of other races because they have Slave Mentality, and were not taught about self respect, and have no respect for their mother! Bottom line they are Stupid !

      • Tammy on said:

        So what are you implying Ian? Are you implying that all black women do not know how to speak? Are you implying that all non blacks know how to speak? You sound silly and you sound like a hypocrite. If one black person does not know how to speak, does that mean you cannot find another black woman who know how to speak to you? Clearly, you not as “race free” a you think.

      • I said it. on said:

        And if he is indeed as black as he claims, which he’s not, that would mean that his mom, aunts, and grandmother were/are as he implies black women are.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        The Black Women in my family are ALL Intelligent, Wonderful, Educated Women, not street walking Ghetto Trash!!!!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I am not interested in anything about Black women I am HAPPILY Married to my Princess and I’m very HAPPY, and that’s all that I’m concerned about!!!!

      • Ian: You have the right to marry anyone you’d like….black, white, or yellow. But your comments are worded as though you think all white women are intelligent, and that most black women aren’t. That may not have been your intentions…..but that’s the way it comes across. Believe me all white women aren’t intelligent, and on the flip side there are many intelligent black, brown, and yellow women. So your comments don’t hold water. I’m not questioning who you marry bc that’s your business…….but all black women don’t CONSTANTLY TALK ABOUT SLAVE MENTALITY…Please keep it in perspectiver

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I’m very Happy with my True Queen! And I could care less about any other type of women!!!!!

  13. Amber on said:

    Why is anyone surprise? One ball player back in the day revealed that black ball players were told not to deal with black people too much when they crossover to be success; and guess what, many blacks went along with it. Most of these folks knew how this guy including that girlfriend, and now it was on tape, all of these folks want to act like they are so hurt and shock. Give me a break. And lets be real, ALL of have a racist on our job.

    • Amber in the advice department it’s too bad that a lot of ballers didn’t heed advice about not spending all of their millions on “Bling.” 5 cars, 3 homes, etc. It’s been recorded that over 50% of ballers end up broke because they don’t manage their money well. Only a few ballers like Magic, and Shaq have been savvy enough to invest, and make their millions work for them. A big part of the problem is that most people aren’t taught at an early age how to manage money; so when they become wealthy they’re not used to having money, and aren’t smart enough to let it work for them.

  14. Given the documented racial history of this man, that sports personalities and others knew about, why would the NAACP considered him for an image award. It makes no sense. Inquiring minds want to know. It makes the award seem very shallow.

  15. Hey this lame may have the right to own a team [talking about cutting off your nose despite your face] but I hope word gets to those who will have the power to demand this lame respect these brothers that want to nullify their contracts to go play for somebody else. Michael J’s team should start looking good next year!

  16. Ezbase on said:

    Like my mom used to say I would rather see and know a bigot/racist in the open then the one that hides his or her beliefs so now you know what category to put him in and move on with life. Some people will never change and if his girl friend stayed with him to try and change him its a lost cause unless there is something to gain from there relationship.

  17. If this is found to be true, then he is beneath contempt, & is unworthy of an NBA team that prominently feature the very kind of people he bears an (undeserved) grudge against. And if that young woman is willing to deny her heritage to be with someone like that, then she has her prize-but what did it really cost her? If two people from different cultures hadn’t found love, then she wouldn’t be here to be a racist’s girlfriend…she should consider that.

    • Amber on said:

      And if she is doing that to herself in denying her heritage, how is that any different in what alot of blacks do everyday? Heck, we have blacks who degrade other blacks in order to uplife whites and act like whites will treat them better (and we know that is not true).

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Amber, you are sooooo misinformed, MANY blacks degrade themselves by rejecting education and all that education stands for. They choose to present themselves as Uneducated, Ebonic speaking, Lazy asses!!!!! That’s their own fault and decision!!!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        NO, I’m taking it right here to this website!!!!! The truth hurts you, can’t deal with it can you I said it?????

  18. I’m not surprised about his comments at all. He just said out loud what lots (not all) of others think. The man is 80 so he was born in the early 30’s and that’s the mindset of a lot of people from that era. Don’t expect him to change at this late date. The man has one foot on a banana peel, and another on (well you know the story). LOL LOL

  19. On some other sites some people are referring to Freedom Of Speech. Yes him, and anyone else can say anything they’d like; but there are consequences. Try saying unkind things about your boss to his face, and see how long you last on the job. As for her being after his money……uuuuuh that’s a No-Brainer!! He knows she’s only after his money but HE DOESN’T CARE. Why else would she be with him

  20. Don Sterling’s racist attitude plays
    out across this country daily
    in employment, housing, education
    banking and religions.

    Noted psychiatrist Dr. Francis Cress
    Welsing will help you understand the system
    of racism that’s been in this country
    to maintain the present social
    and economic power structure.
    She explains that foundation of
    this system was and is built upon the
    false image of a white Jesus.

  21. The NBA and the players association should come to an agreement which MANDATES the clippers organization give every African American on the team the option of nullifying their contracts so they can move on. This is 2014 and I grew up in the 60’s and NOT SURPRISED!

  22. Mac Ben on said:

    Ha ha ha…this is nothing new. Most affluent whites feel this way. I am not surprised at all. What will the outcome be…a buy-out of the Clippers? He still wins, because he will make money.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      No not all White People feel this way!!!!! Stick to making comments about what you know, Fool!!! I’m married to a Caucasian, and I can tell you, you are Deadly wrong!!!! Don’t make yourself look like the ASS that you obviously are!!!!!

      • I said it. on said:

        Well, what does your husband say when you act out like this? Do you always attack with curse words, name calling, and screaming. You are too temperamental for this forum. No man is going to stick around for that.

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Show me where in my text I wrote “all”. Secondly, I did write affluent. I’m talking 1 percenters, like this guy! A hurt dog will holler…

      • Raleigh Delesbore on said:

        just because you can marry someone white, does not mean you should. think about all the negroes that were raped doing the last 400 years. Not having choices! Got nothing to do with you???Then that is where you have lost your heritage.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Look Raleigh, I can Marry whomever I choose, and I don’t give a DAMN about what you say or think!!!! I’m extremely Happy and at peace. And what heritage are you talking about that I’ve lost. My heritage is as an American, and that’s all that I want to know!!! Good luck in your life!

  23. I don’t care for Sterling and it’s likely that he’s the one making the statements on the recording but people should not take a knee jerk reaction to the recording. Make sure that it’s actually him making the statements on the recording before people start get all up in arms.

  24. You don’t have to be a street walker in order to be a prostitute, it’s very sad that this young women has absolutely no self respect. They are both using each other, she wants his money, and he wants her body, but in the long run, she will be the loser, because, when he gets tired of her, he will throw her out like yesterday’s garbage. This woman need to get reality check, during the phone call, she asked this man, “so you don’t me, to be with minorities, some one need to tell that sister, that she is not white, she is a minority.

      • Darlene on said:

        I definitely understand the quote from the scripture that states, “What is it to gain the world and lose your soul”. In this case, this man cannot be good yet she will allow herself to be place with him for money? This is sad!

  25. James R. on said:

    He’s a perfect example of a person, who does not show his true feelings toward minorities, and wants his girlfriend to adopt a racist attitude toward minorities. Racism is a learned behavior, from your culture, this women will live a miserable life, trying to adapt to a society of people where she may or may not be accepted. The gentleman is to old in his ideas for modern day society, he’s trying to force her from her culture to his.

    • Not a fan on said:

      As a black man in the USA I wish nobody ill will. The NBA big shots will take up the issues with the owner. The last NBA commissoner David Sterns knew about this man and put the pot on the back burner to cool off. The other day he cooked another meal. This time nobody is going to eat it. No sale!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        VirilisAfricanum, you give a HORRIBLE, UNEDUCATED name to ALL Africans the world over!!!! If you can read, you would’ve seen that I commented already on this issue!

  26. Not a fan on said:

    he is an old fool! money is the root of all evil. If she is having sex with that old goat. she should get a real job. but I guest anybody can fake it.

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